Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies is a book available from Amazon. Buy and download it by going here. At $2.99, it is a steal.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Folks sign on with an affiliate marketing sites such as ClickBank to get their feet wet.  ClickBank targets the new marketer and provides a number of tools and instructions to get them started.

Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage what you are spending on products and services you use yourself.

Affiliate marketers recommend products and services they already use. This makes the business process one of education and informing your audience rather than your selling them on the idea.

They are already on your page.  They are looking for what you are marketing or are at least curious about it.

You share your experience with the product.

You issue a call to action such as, “Click here to see one of the best online marketing training programs.” By marketing daily or at least several days a week, you give Google reason to start sending searchers to your site.

Because you have been posting regularly, you will be cashing your affiliate commission checks.

Search Engine Preferences

Google likes:

  • Fresh content. Daily is best, several times a week at a minimum.
  • Original content.
  • WordPress.

Because Google likes fresh content you need to start educating yourself about the products and services you represent. So, you are going to read more books. You are going to watch more videos relating to your wares.

Original content is king.  While no one expects you to write a Stephen King novel, regularly studying your products gives you the ability to see them with fresh eyes, to see new things about them and write original material promoting them.

Google loves WordPress. Therefore it is in your best interest to strongly consider using it to promote your affiliate links.  There is a $47 course that will help you create a laser focus in your blog posts. Go here and check it out now.

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