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Affiliate Marketing Companies

Affiliate Marketing Companies

Affiliate marketing companies are a dime a dozen. Some pay so little you wonder if they really even want your business. Others pay nice sums on which you can build an income. These latter tend to provide higher quality experiences for their users. They also are companies who are in business for the long haul.

Your mission is to stay away from the center and more towards the quality, long lived and profitable side of that spectrum.

Keep this phrase in mind, too. ‘Residual monthly memberships on interest sites.’

Why Membership Sites?

I cannot speak directly to your interests since we have yet to have a heart to heart but on one thing I am certain. Your ability to steer folks to sites where there is an active community of users who are willing to pay to be a member of that community is key to your success.

Sites who are willing to pay you double digit percentages of their fees, of course. Some of you bohemian types will no doubt grab yourself by the man bun and throw yourself away from the PC in horror at making a good solid profit. That is fine. I understand.

Others will understand that in today’s online market eyeballs and clicks are precious and hard to come by.

Actually getting someone to your site that is

  • interested
  • willing to pay
  • willing to pay every month because their interest is ongoing and not just passing

is worth its weight in gold. It is well worth sharing the wealth with folks who are interested enough in your site and your business to repeatedly invest their time and talents into making your business a core profit line for their business, too.

Their reputation as a marketer of quality products and services is depending on your giving them good and satisfactory service to those they refer to you.

These are the things in the minds of folks with whom you want to do business.

Affiliate Marketing Companies List

A short list of affiliate marketing companies includes:

  1. Amazon
  2. ClickBank
  3. eBay
  4. Commission Junction

These are companies with which I have dealt. Here is a top 20 list.

Just so you know, Amazon and eBay have restrictions that ClickBank does not. Amazon for instance grants you an affiliate link but if your site produces no sales within say, 6 months your link will be inactivated. eBay qualifies its affiliates and many do not qualify.

ClickBank is a lot more lenient. It is the best place for the beginning affiliate marketer or new affiliate marketing company to begin with.

How Do I Find Affiliate Marketing Companies Focused on My Interests?

Companies that offer affiliate marketing programs are all over the place. Many include a link to their affiliate program right at the bottom of their sales pages and marketing emails. Chances are if you have bought a product online, they have an affiliate link.

When you buy something and are happy with it, see if they have an affiliate link. Write a report! Brag about it! Just write it first hand and do your best to keep the passive voice to a minumum. If you don’t know what that is, well, English grammar is beyond the scope of this article. Still, you need to know that keeping passive voice to 10% or less makes for more interesting reading.

The main point is, write a review and link to your affiliate link. You can go back and do the SEO thing later once you learn more about it.

Most Bang for the Buck…or Affiliate Link

Top paying affiliate programs are more difficult to quantify. If something is an easy sell and everyone wants it, chances are your commissions will be low. This is fair; this is business. If on the other hand, they are offering you 75% some might wonder just how good it is.

This is relevant, unless it is irrelevant.

Things you look for when starting down this path include:

  1. the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners
  2. best affiliate programs to make money
  3. best affiliate programs to make money

Your successful hunt for these will include companies, programs and products that speak to your interests because your interests are the things you speak to with passion and conviction. This is what sells.

THE Number One Affiliate Marketing Company for YOU, SPECIFICALLY You

You, Inc., of course. To succeed branding yourself as a ‘go to’ resource is job one. Investing time and energy into making your site fun and interactive will bring people back. Posting new and helpful information several times a week will keep Google and the search engines happy and keep you bouncing in the search results until you get your SEO game on track.

Go here now and watch a free video on the seven things all six figure income earners in the affiliate and network marketing arena do.

There are no exceptions to this rule, either.


Affiliate Marketing Companies





Tim Singleton


Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies is a book available from Amazon. Buy and download it by going here. At $2.99, it is a steal.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Folks sign on with an affiliate marketing sites such as ClickBank to get their feet wet.  ClickBank targets the new marketer and provides a number of tools and instructions to get them started.

Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage what you are spending on products and services you use yourself.

Affiliate marketers recommend products and services they already use. This makes the business process one of education and informing your audience rather than your selling them on the idea.

They are already on your page.  They are looking for what you are marketing or are at least curious about it.

You share your experience with the product.

You issue a call to action such as, “Click here to see one of the best online marketing training programs.” By marketing daily or at least several days a week, you give Google reason to start sending searchers to your site.

Because you have been posting regularly, you will be cashing your affiliate commission checks.

Search Engine Preferences

Google likes:

  • Fresh content. Daily is best, several times a week at a minimum.
  • Original content.
  • WordPress.

Because Google likes fresh content you need to start educating yourself about the products and services you represent. So, you are going to read more books. You are going to watch more videos relating to your wares.

Original content is king.  While no one expects you to write a Stephen King novel, regularly studying your products gives you the ability to see them with fresh eyes, to see new things about them and write original material promoting them.

Google loves WordPress. Therefore it is in your best interest to strongly consider using it to promote your affiliate links.  There is a $47 course that will help you create a laser focus in your blog posts. Go here and check it out now.

Best Regards,

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies





Tim Singleton

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is the solution

  1. If you are wanting to start a business.
  2. If you want to work from home.
  3. If you watched as the dot com boom passed you by.
  4. If you still want to build an online business.
  5. If you are working on not a just a limited budget, but a shoestring’s thread budget.
  6. If you are on disability or Social Security or if your retirement is just not enough affiliate marketing could possibly be a big help, too.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is the business of earning a commission by promoting products and services to your friends or to people with whom you have some kind of relationship such as your blog’s readers.

The concept as a business model is the simplest of all:

  • You find something you like and use or would use yourself.
  • You ask the supplier if they have an affiliate program.
  • Assuming they do, you promote it to your friends and family by sending them to the link or perhaps even walking them through their first visit (you want them to go to YOUR link, remember?)

Another way is to write a little post in your blog and link relevant text to your affiliate link so you can get paid when they buy.

In The Beginning

Affiliate marketing is simply the best place for a person new to the online marketing arena to start.


  1. Low cost of entry
  2. Low risk of capital loss
  3. Losses are for the most part confined to time (still better than pouring your life down the drain in front of the television)
  4. High potential profits when you master marketing.

With Whom Should You Start?

Simply because they have been at it longer than the others and are in my opinion easier to work with than other affiliate companies I recommend you start with Clickbank. It is free to sign up and start.

Best Regards,

What Is Affiliate Marketing





Tim Singleton

“Discover How a Non-Techie Mother of 2 went from Dead Broke to Multi 6-Fig Business Owner FAST, and How You Can Too!”

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Going to shoot for a compact, 500 word or so on the issue of affiliate marketing programs.


My intent is to give the aspiring affiliate marketer and action plan to be up and running by the weekend. Will he or she know everything there is to know?


But they will have a piece of moneymaking digital real estate.

Also, lately there have been a lot of affiliate programs pop up pushed by big money corporations. They are for sure providing good buys for the end customer but they are pretty much strangling the little fellow who wants to build a permanent, long term relationship with the customers he creates.

On the one hand this is proof of concept for anyone who is considering getting online and building a marketing website as a business. On the other hand, you really cannot make a living on 1% and 6% commissions, not unless you are able to quickly generate daily sales and tons of traffic right out of the gate and even then, 1% to 6% is a miserly commission to the ones bringing the customers to the table.

For this reason, I am going to strongly suggest that you, the beginning affiliate marketer, concentrate on marketing good, quality products that pay you a higher commission up front.

What do I mean by higher? Affiliate marketing programs that pay 25%, 75% and so on.

Subscription products are even better because you can build an ongoing income.

$100 commissions on a monthly basis can quickly put you in the position of deciding on whether to keep your job or not.

Will it happen overnight? Doubtful, although there are cases where someone is so motivated that they drive hard for 90 to 120 days and are sitting on a liveable income.

Who Are The Companies Behind the Programs?

Everyone knows the twin giants, Amazon and eBay. Both are excellent companies with a strongly developed business plan for working with affiliates. You will, of course, want to have relationships with both. Only by actually going through the process of becoming an affiliate with them will you know if their’s is a program you want to be a part of.

Here is a short list of other affiliate programs you can check out:

  1. CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  2. ClickBank
  3. Amazon

The ones I have listed here are the ones I feel are best for the beginner.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Why?

Affiliate marketing is the perfect place for folks who do not have their own product line to offer folks.

It is THE perfect place for beginners to start.

Developing your own eBook or other offering or course requires that you have a skill set or block of knowledge on a specific subject that you know well enough to put it into book form.

Then you have to determine what channels you are going to use. Selling a link to an eBook download is pretty simple. It is in developing a quality product that folks are going to enjoy and benefit from that most beginners come up short.

So, do you wait until you have developed your opus or do you start now?

Whatever you sell, you want it to be something you are proud of and do or would use yourself.

This will almost guarantee your reputation amongst your customers to be a good one.

This will also lead to repeat business and referral business which gives your enterprise long term stability.

To sum up:

  1. Affiliate marketing lets you get started today.
  2. Only sell stuff you know is quality. Do not compromise on this point, ever.
  3. Starting here is perfect for the beginner.

So, how and where do you get those products and services?

Products and Services for Affiliate Marketers

Good things to sell are all over the place. Sadly, so are bad things.

Do You REALLY Want Your Name Associated With That?

There are many companies who will pay very good commissions for those who refer business to them. Some will pay 50%, 75% or more. Some even 100% on certain things because they know its value as a sales tool for other offerings.

No matter how high the commission, it is irrelevant if the wares of the company in question are just flim flam and the commissions will be reversed as soon as a refund is requested.

With the number of quality companies out there marketing through affiliates, there is absolutely no reason for you to strain yourself selling junk and hurting the market place.

Stick to quality; we all of us will benefit.

Yes, I know I am repeating myself but it bears repeating. I want you successful for the long haul.

Affiliate Marketplaces

There are several.

I, myself, have used Clickbank, the oldest and longest running affiliate marketplace I believe. The have tons of tools to help you, too. Going to Clickbank and checking out the width of things being offered would not be a bad idea.

Clickbank is also the easiest for the beginner because many affiliate market places require an application, some even require a vetting process. Shortest path to starting now? Clickbank.

Some other places for you to develop a relationship over time are:

  • ClickBank. Easy sign up, decent commissions, be picky, though.
  • Amazon. Tons of products, low commissions.
  • eBay.
  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant. Broad selection, but you have to apply with each advertiser.

Getting Started

You will need a website. Since Google is the 3,000 lbs. gorilla in the room and Google loves WordPress, I am going to strongly recommend you use a WordPress blog.

Since you need a website, you are going to need hosting. Godaddy still hosts one of my blogs and I am very happy with the service they have rendered.

Training. You are going to need to invest in some training. Now, I am going to be providing training here on a regular basis, so always plan to check us out.

You also need to go here and sign up for our free weekly training seminar. It is taught by the best of the best and I make it a point to be there every week. You will learn how to kick your business into vertical take off!

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

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