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Make Money Blogging In 2017

Make Money Blogging in 2017

Make money blogging.

For the person who:

  • hates traffic
  • enjoys the company of his wife and children more than most
  • does not desire to have someone set his daily priorities for him.
  • looks at those online reports of how no one is coming to save you or give you anything and chuckles
  • hates cubicles

…the idea of learning to make money blogging is a bright light of hope. They understand that they are not their job. Their job does not define them.

A job is how you eat. It is how you take care of your family. Nothing else. To the extent your job defines who you are, you are defined by another human being and not yourself.

So, what is the plan?

The Plan

What Do I Sell?

You can sell:

  1. Your own products if have them or plan to produce them.
  2. Products and services of others you either like and use or think folks will benefit from.
  3. Include Google Adsense and such. Small change but when you blog becomes popular that income can be significant.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

First, understand that you are going to have to be patient.  Blogging is planting, like a farmer plants seeds.

You plant at the beginning of spring.

You collect the fruits of your labors as the end of the summer.

Remember that old soap opera, ‘Days of Our Lives?’ Well…

Like seeds in the ground, so also are the blog posts on our websites.
-Tim Singleton

Your First 90 Days

Breaking your year into 90 day segments is a good way to organize your work. It gives you a time frame long enough that you can do some serious work as well as be able to observe the results.

Once you know what you want to do, you decide how far along in the process you feel like you can get in that time period. It is okay if you want to start out with small expectations for your first 90.

That is not because I don’t believe you can accomplish great things; just exactly the opposite.

It is precisely because I believe that you, a human, an offspring of Deity, can accomplish anything that sits within the boundaries of your imagination.

We just want to stretch the perceived boundaries imposed by your imagination. Every 90 days expand your borders a little bit.

You will do this until you realize that the boundaries are set by you.

Then they disappear.

Then you get rich.

Another 90 Day Plan

All the big, six figure+ earners in the online marketing space agree that one can be independent in 90 days. You can make money blogging in your first 90 days. Lots of folks do.

Yes, that is something that is agreed upon. As with all things, the devil is in the details.    Also, let me be clear, overtly so, that there are no guarantees in this or any other business. If there were guarantees, they would pay you minimum wage because they, not you, are taking all the risk.

But, back to making money in your first 90 days. When I got started in this last go round, I make my first $125.00 commission in about three weeks. So, I know without a doubt it can be done because I did it.

I did not even work particularly hard at it. The purchase was made through a blog post I had set up.

You get me? Here is what you are going to do in order to repeat it:

  1. Set up your blog.
  2. Pick something you want to sell.
  3. Write a blog post
  4. Post it.
  5. Promote it.

You do this. People will see your post. Those who:

  • Like what they read
  • Think you can help them
  • Who and find the articles, videos and free training that you provide helpful

will then spend money with you to solve their other problems.

What do you do if your 90 days does not get you to where you want to go?

Make another 90 day plan based on what your learned in your first.

In Conclusion

Is this an oversimplification? Yep.

You will have to develop your own style and understand that as you read, learn, observe and study your own style will emerge. As your style emerges, so, too, will your native audience.

For one of the best courses I have been through on blogging go here.

I bought it. I learned a lot, therefore I am recommending it to you.

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Tim Singleton

Not everyone is attracted to the same social media platform, therefore, I have included links to Coursework for the top three social media sites:

  1. FaceBook Cheat Sheet Giveaway
  2. Video Marketing – YouTube Lead-Gen Video and PDF
  3. Twitter Training – Get 15 Leads Daily in 20 Min

Read More

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging For Beginners

“How to make money blogging?” is the question the beginner asks trying to discover the path to profitable writing.

Taking a deep breath and relaxing is a good way to shorten your path to quality writing.

Learning how to make money with a blog for beginners is often a journey filled with lots of hard work, late nights and small or none existent paychecks.

Understand top money making blogs do not just slap up some copy with some pictures, a link to a YouTube video and some off handed copy. In order to start pulling in the viewers and sales you provide solutions to problems. Your readers trust you because of this and begin to place orders.

This requires you climb a learning curve. It requires

  1. Writing interesting, engaging, quality posts.
  2. Solving problems for your readers.
  3. Posting regularly so that Google has a reason to keep indexing your website.
  4. Having an SEO strategy that continually builds back links in an organic fashion.

Paying attention to your copy is how you make money.

Solving problems for people who come to your page so that they share your page with their friends is the ultimate solid gold e goal for your posts.

This means what you give away is often of more value that what your competition is selling. Further on in this post I give you several things you can do today that will set you head and shoulders above what most of your competition is doing. Those things prove daily what they are worth to many top earning bloggers.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

How much money can you make blogging? Some bloggers make 7 figures.

A month.

Some bloggers make 7 figures a month.

No clearly, not everyone will. Like everything else on line there are a few who are exceptional and many who try, get tired or bored and quit.

The question that you really want answered is how much money you, yourself, can make. As with everything else that depends on how hard you work and the lengths you go to in order to get the knowledge you need to do it right.

Seven figures is the exception, but hardly a case of there only being two or three who are doing it. It is a growing club, glad to say.

A seriously profitable blog is very much within the grasp of the average person, in my opinion. I say that because lots of blogging sites that pay the mortgage, the car payment or both are not uncommon.


To make money WordPress is a must. Again, that is my opinion. All the research I have done indicates that Google’s search spiders love WordPress because it efficiently indexes pages created with it.

Reasons for using WordPress include:

  • Google loves it.
  • Easy to use for the beginner.
  • Wide array of widgets, and add ons to help you customize it.
  • Wide array of SEO and copy writing tools to help you create effective, interesting posts.
  • It is free.
  • Many of the add ons are free as their developers use add ons to demonstrate their coding talents.
  • Largest community of users so you have lots of depth when asking questions.

Ways To Come Up With Content

You begin by asking yourself what you will blog about.

You write about:

  1. Something you know about
  2. Something you learn about so that you can blog about it.

Invest, Learn, Teach

Investing in learning the skills you need to successfuly blog is a given.

By investing in yourself and your knowledge, you are separating yourself from the 99% who ‘wish’ to be successful by becoming someone who does the things the successful blogger does. Learning is how you become an expert to those who have not.

You invest time, money or both into mastering skills and knowledge you do not currently have.

Because you invest, you are able to learn things you don’t currently know. Learning essential skills is how you ensure you are profitable.

Because you have invested time and money to learn new skills, you now write blog posts teaching your readers what you have learned.

This is one way you provide value up front for your readers.

Obviously, you don’t throw everything you know out there for free, but there are more than enough skills sets out there for you to pull them together in convenient form for your readers.

Ask yourself how many free PDFs or PDFs you have taking up space on your hard drive. Each and every one of them represents good information about which you can write and perhaps solve some problem one or more of your readers may have.

Read, Learn, Teach

On your way home, stop off by the local bookstore. Look at the titles on the recent best sellers list for business books. Leaders are readers and you need to so do so. While you are reading make a note of any top ten or so lists it may go over.

Top ten lists are awesome for quick blog posts.

You can do a book review and use any top ten or so lists discussed in the book as a bullet list of things to talk about in your review of the book. You can also just use the list as a jumping off point for a blog post not book related.

In Conclusion

Because you wanted to know how to make money blogging, you invest in learning the skills demonstrated to be needed by successful bloggers.

As a result of learning the skills necessary to do so, you are now able to teach others how to make money blogging.

Due to your teaching others some of the skills needed to be a successful blogger, they begin to trust you.

Folks buy from those they trust, consequently, your readers begin to buy from you.

To check out one of the best blogging courses out there on how to make money blogging, go here and see the Three Minute Expert, Attraction Marketing Edition.

I bought it. I use it. Recommending it to you is one of the easiest things I have done today.

Best Regards,

How To Make Money Blogging





Tim Singleton


Blogging Subjects

Blogging Topics List

Blogging topics are all over the place. A trick I learned from one of my mentors is what I now call the ‘Bookstore Top Ten.’

‘The BookStore Top Ten?’

How does that work?

It’s real simple.

Let’s say you are beat from work; you are not quite free yet.  Your brain hears your bed calling, but you can’t come home right now. You have a blog post to create.

So, you stop at the bookstore and walk in. You run your eyes over the most recent releases of anything worthy, say in the business section or the self help section. Find a book that interests you and flip through looking for a top 10 or top whatever list.

“There’s one,” you say. Then you pull out your phone and copy the list.  Then you can purchase the book or not, as you like. Since you are there and the book interested you enough to stop you,  consider purchasing it and adding it to your list. Leaders are readers, as they say.

You get home and whoop, there it is. Your blog post can now be created from using the top ten list as either a post about the top ten or use the top ten to inspire you .  It is a simple thing, I know, but it will keep you on the track when you get bogged down.

A Quickie Blog Topic

When I began my research on this issue, I typed ‘blog topics’ into Google. Here are the related searches it listed after the pages.

  • blog topics list
  • personal blog topics
  • personal blog post ideas
  • popular blog ideas
  • fun blog topics
  • top blogging subjects
  • blog subjects most popular
  • blog subjects to write about

See? Now, you have all kinds of directions in which to turn to find something to blog about. This list of keywords also is an excellent source of ways in which to organize your blogging research. Some ideas or subjects are evergreen, which is to say revisiting them from time to time is good for both you and your readers.

Blog Topic File

As a beginner, you will be confronted with a learning curve on a whole number of things relating to your blog and how to make it a cash draw. While you are about the business of learning, you still need to be creating the very best quality content you can; quality content is what Google uses to rank your website and that is critical.

Most folks do not look past the first page so job one is to get on that first page. This is a fairly arcane art, this getting your content on the first page of Google. It involves something called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is where you structure your page or blog post such that Google has reason to put it on the front page.

A practice I picked up a year or so ago was the idea of saving up ideas about which to blog. Again, on days you get caught up in blogger’s block, go to your list of saved subjects and pick one.

Blogging Resources and Training

You need to go here and review the Blogging – 3Min Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition course. I purchased it and am more than pleased at the depth of education it provides guided by the man who is arguable THE great blogger rolling right now. Making money blogging without the use of paid advertising is not only the dream of all bloggers, it is a necessity to many. This will help.

Still struggling with this? Check this out. The Authority Content package supplies you with done for you, unique to you, high quality articles on a daily basis.

Best regards,

Tim and MaryJane






Tim Singleton

Blogging: Don’t Feel Like It

I Don’t Feel Like Blogging or Anything Else

Blogging. Ranting and holding forth for fun and profit.  Yep. Any minute now I am going to get up, go into the office and rattle off a bunch of ‘stuff.’ Three hours later you are still hung up in a ‘Jericho’ marathon.


You are tired.

Work was hell today.  ALL day.

Your significant other has had or is having their own version of your day.

Your eyes are full of sand. You FEEL so HEAVY. You may even be so tired that you feel as though you might be having a slight case of vertigo. You realize that your bed is nirvana. The pillow pulled up just right; the covers over you, letting the air pockets get just the right amount of warmth to make you oh, so cozy.

I know how you feel.

No, really. I just wrote that and now I want to go to bed! I talked myself into wanting to go to sleep.

What To Do When You Just Don’t WANT To Do

There is not one case of a successful person who chose blogging as their path who only worked on days they ‘felt like it.’

It bears repeating: There is not single case of someone who became successful, at anything, who did so by working only on days he or she felt like working or doing what needed to be done.

Sometimes these days of resistance can be put to good use….after doing your daily got to do’s, of course.

Got sand in your eyes? Go wash your face with cold water.

Joints aching because your bed is calling your name? Focus on how you will be able to sleep as late as you like once your build yourself into being free from a job.

Take a few minutes and do some visualization.

Change the focus from being so exhausted you want to quit your job and go lie down to visualizing being exhausted from dancing with your sweetheart all the night long and so you are going to sleep until you wake up. Without an alarm clock, unworried about whether you will wake up at 2PM or 2AM.

Remember, when you drive you tend to move towards the focus of your eyes. Focusing on your current lack and not on your created lavish ability to live large will keep you right on top of the center of your attention

Learning to set aside these feelings of worthlessness, fatigue and and proceed anyways is what will make you into a marketing superstar, not just an also ran.

To Your Well Rested Success,







Tim Singleton

Blogging? Why Do I Need Blogging? Blogging Pays!

blogging“Why blogging?” you ask.


It works; it makes money.

Some folks use the phone.

Some folks cold call in person.

The problem with these two approaches is not that they do not work. The problem with these two approaches is that on the first of every month you are at square one. You have to start over. Again.

Unless and until you build a brand starting at zero is your life’s sentence.

A brand is important in the lead generation process. Lead generation is something you must master. I know you know this but I think it worth emphasizing the point. You can have a landing page that is proving to have a 100% closing rate. If no one goes to that page you still have zero results.

Business Blogging

A blog can generate leads. Now, just throwing up a blog with a redirect to whatever it is you’re selling may generate a few sales but if you want to not leave any money on the table you will need to monetize your blog.

Monetizing Your Blog

Monetizing a blog covers a wide range of options. Some of the options you have are:

  • A link to your affiliate or network marketing opportunity.
  • Affiliate links to products and services you represent.
  • Google adwords or other such revenue opportunities.
  • If you have them, your own products and services.

Blogging Dangers and Blogging Software

Lots of folks have blogs, the larger part of which run on WordPress.

Speaking of WordPress, it is important that you understand just how much Google loves blogging and the WordPress blogging software in particular. It is set up in such a manner that their spiders and indexing engines can quickly make your material accessible for searching very efficiently.

In my opinion, it would appear that to Google blogging is a critical part of its business plan.

WordPress makes it very easy for Google to like you.

…but back to the issue of business blogging sites.

When I started blogging I figured if I had something for everyone then everyone would be my customer.


Google will penalize you if your content is all over the place. If you are in an opportunity or an affiliate relationship that focuses on Cosmetics, say, like Mary Kay or Avon, your deciding to also have an affiliate relationship with someone like Amsoil is going to hurt, not help, most likely.

Now, you may simply be wanting to branch out into other areas. Perhaps you have read or heard about this concept called ‘multiple streams of income.’  There are a few points on multiple streams of income I should like to point out.

Multiple Streams of Income

One of the advantages of blogging is that it is nearly by default perfect for generating multipled streams of income. You can put up a blog to promote you networking opportunity or you can put one up devoted to an affiliate relationship.

You can also do both.

Just don’t do them both on the same blog.

It hurts your message.

You can have as many blogging websites as you like, devoted to as many subjects or businesses in which you are interested. Just don’t mix the message on any given blog. It will hurt you in terms of Google ranking.

But again, I begin to digress. My thoughts on multiple streams of income, a combination of thoughts of men and women I believe in and my own experiences.

  1. Multiple streams of income are a wonderful idea as they provide insurance against disaster.
  2. Make sure your multiple streams of income are congruent and none competitive with each other.
  3. Quit worrying about multiple streams of income.

Why Multiple Streams of Income

It is like the story about a stool.

A one legged or two legged stool will not stand.

If it has three legs it will stand. Yank one away and the stool falls. If you have three legs and one is gone, the stool falls. If you have four legs and remove one, it may stand a while before giving into gravity. If you have FIVE legs, then it may never fall if you remove one. Your business is the same.

The more facets that make up your income the more stable your income.

Multiple streams of income is an important part of a long term, stable business.

Make Sure Your Blogging Sites Are Congruent and None Competitive

Nothing can be worse than your promoting one product and making the sale and then your customer finding your other sites where what you just sold them gets trashed by your other site in favor of selling something else.

This may sound obvious, but it really is not.

I know of a HUGE network marketing name that built himself a fortune in teaching folks the value of a certain marketing training website’s method. He went out and started his own wildly successful business and then proceeded to trash his old websites premise while he still had blog postings on another of his sites still promoting the old business he was badmouthing.

I am pretty sure it cost him a lot of money. I also know it was step one in my eventual decision to not carry his new products, too.

The blogging history you generate over time needs to have a consistent message if you want to maximize your profits and business longevity.

Quit Worrying About Multiple Streams of Income

When I first started out in this business I was so busy worrying about generating multiple streams of income that I did not get around to making a single stream of income profitable.

While there are legitimate ways and reasons to create an additional stream of income, make sure it is supportive of your core business and does detract from or distract you from, your business.

Speaking of reasons to create and additional stream of income, let’s return to the original question…

Blogging? Why Blogging?

We started out by lamenting that when you use the telephone and cold calling, you have to start the next month off at zero in terms of your marketing efforts.

With a blog, a profitable, effective post draws folks in and directs them to your landing page which, properly designed, provides information and gives them a reason to buy by asking for the sale.

For as long as you leave the post online.

It will do this none stop for the next twenty four hours. It will give information to your customers none stop for the next seven days.

For the next 52 weeks, 24 hours a day your blog post will be providing information and asking for the order.

Sick and in bed? Does not matter. Your post is hard at work paying your bills.

In Conclusion

If you are not already doing it, you need to add blogging to your marketing plan and its channels.

For some of the best training on blogging, you should go here and check out this blogger who regularly generates 7 figures from his blog. He has retired but still teaches and wants to train you.

He is training me and I am more than happy with the result.

Bless Others That God may bless you,

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Tim Singleton



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