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Home Based Business: No Work!

Home Based Business

We Do The Work For You!

This claim slash promise I see come up from time to time. Especially on late night television when you are psychologically at your most vulnerable.

For only $39.95 you can be free of your job! Listen to what Nancy Neverexisted had to say! Nancy went from dead broke to making $10,000 a month…


Lord have mercy, do you really think that someone else is going to do all the work for you and just send you a check every so often?

Look, I know some of this marketing stuff is complicated. I also know you have a job, a family and beaucoup other responsibilities.

Well, I cannot promise you an income, but I can

  1. Show you the tools I am using.
  2. Explain why I am using them.
  3. Show you where to get them.

But we are about to get ahead of ourselves here.

Promising To Do The Work For You

Let’s address a few issues up front.

  1. We will do the work for you.
  2. This is easy to do. All you have to do is follow a few instructions.
  3. You can be free in no time at all.

First of all, I am not going to do your work for you.

Second, some of it requires time and energy and sticking to it when you really want to go to sleep. There will be instructions but you may have to have a few dry runs before you get the ‘follow’ part right. I know I did.

Some folks who have concentrated, to the exclusion of all other things, have gotten free in 120 days. These are generally folks for whom the entire universe was aligned. Were I you, I would bank on 2 to 5 years and consider it a short period of time to be free.

Don’t mistake me. I am doing my best to find a shortening of the way that does not involve you or me taking shortcuts. Have not found it yet but hope springs eternal.

Yes, I Want To Learn

Then stay tuned right here my friend. I expect I will be giving you more value than you are buying from lots of other folks.

Best Regards,

Tim anad MaryJane







Tim Singleton


Blogging Subjects

Blogging Topics List

Blogging topics are all over the place. A trick I learned from one of my mentors is what I now call the ‘Bookstore Top Ten.’

‘The BookStore Top Ten?’

How does that work?

It’s real simple.

Let’s say you are beat from work; you are not quite free yet.  Your brain hears your bed calling, but you can’t come home right now. You have a blog post to create.

So, you stop at the bookstore and walk in. You run your eyes over the most recent releases of anything worthy, say in the business section or the self help section. Find a book that interests you and flip through looking for a top 10 or top whatever list.

“There’s one,” you say. Then you pull out your phone and copy the list.  Then you can purchase the book or not, as you like. Since you are there and the book interested you enough to stop you,  consider purchasing it and adding it to your list. Leaders are readers, as they say.

You get home and whoop, there it is. Your blog post can now be created from using the top ten list as either a post about the top ten or use the top ten to inspire you .  It is a simple thing, I know, but it will keep you on the track when you get bogged down.

A Quickie Blog Topic

When I began my research on this issue, I typed ‘blog topics’ into Google. Here are the related searches it listed after the pages.

  • blog topics list
  • personal blog topics
  • personal blog post ideas
  • popular blog ideas
  • fun blog topics
  • top blogging subjects
  • blog subjects most popular
  • blog subjects to write about

See? Now, you have all kinds of directions in which to turn to find something to blog about. This list of keywords also is an excellent source of ways in which to organize your blogging research. Some ideas or subjects are evergreen, which is to say revisiting them from time to time is good for both you and your readers.

Blog Topic File

As a beginner, you will be confronted with a learning curve on a whole number of things relating to your blog and how to make it a cash draw. While you are about the business of learning, you still need to be creating the very best quality content you can; quality content is what Google uses to rank your website and that is critical.

Most folks do not look past the first page so job one is to get on that first page. This is a fairly arcane art, this getting your content on the first page of Google. It involves something called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is where you structure your page or blog post such that Google has reason to put it on the front page.

A practice I picked up a year or so ago was the idea of saving up ideas about which to blog. Again, on days you get caught up in blogger’s block, go to your list of saved subjects and pick one.

Blogging Resources and Training

You need to go here and review the Blogging – 3Min Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition course. I purchased it and am more than pleased at the depth of education it provides guided by the man who is arguable THE great blogger rolling right now. Making money blogging without the use of paid advertising is not only the dream of all bloggers, it is a necessity to many. This will help.

Still struggling with this? Check this out. The Authority Content package supplies you with done for you, unique to you, high quality articles on a daily basis.

Best regards,

Tim and MaryJane






Tim Singleton

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