How To Make Money With a Blog

If you want to see real results from your online marketing efforts, a blog for any business is the perfect choice. The question soon changes from, “How to make money with a blog.” It becomes, “How can a business afford to not have a blog for its customers to use and enjoy.”

Seriously, you can build the simplest blog and do well depending on your business. Once you have it, you can work on marketing it as often as you want. Blogs are brilliant for adding almost any type of content you want to display, including video. This article will look at some simple blogging strategies for your business.

Besides, being a blogger is fun.

Why You Should Use a Blog for Your Business

Reasons include:

  1. A blog, like a web page is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. It is easy to update. You can do a post relative to your business. In the time it takes to write an email you can solve your customers problem. No html or webmaster needed.
  3. Search engines love blogs. They love sites that update regularly. If the content you post is good quality, then they will put you on page one. They direct traffic to you.

Still, some folks don’t get the whole blogging thing, especially in light of so much social media interaction. Why have a blog when so many folks are spending their time on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?

Reasons I Don’t Like Social Media

Well, for one thing, addictive as those platforms are, many are getting tired of them. Ask yourself how many times:

  • You get constantly interrupted by Facebook updating the time line?
  •  Some troll finds your comment objectionable. From his lofty position as king of the world in his mom’s basement he starts a flame war. You block him. By then, everyone has lost interest in the original discussion. Your time and effort is wasted.
  • The noise level is like sitting next to a 747 engine.
  • On social media you are subject to terms of service, limitations on how many characters you can use to make your point and sometimes very capricious censors. Your blog is yours. You set the terms of service and determine what your content is1.

Many folks enjoy reading blogs simply because they tend to be focused on a particular interest and the volume is lower. It is also easier to get a direct response from the blogger or business owner as well as the community of users on the blog, many of whom are hopefully customers of yours who, as satisfied patrons, will often do the selling for you by sharing their positive experiences with newcomers. That is a huge factor in how to make money from a blog.

Of course, it is up to you to make sure plenty, hopefully all, of your readers are satisfied customers.

How To Make Money With a Blog for YOUR Business

It’s simple. You craft and make your blog about your business and not about whatever crisis has the world setting their hair on fire and running screaming through the nearest plate glass window. Unless your business is about current events, politics or religion stay away from them. If for some reason you need to engage in those with a customer, take it off line or at least off the blog.

Point is, You control your blog.

This means you can provide solutions and real help to your customers in a personal setting. It also means you have some control over what is out there on your site, giving you the ability to keep things focused on why folks should be investing in your products and services, rather than chasing rabbits or pointless irrelevancies.

Your blog can become a place where your customers come to you for help with their problems. When you help them, they will return to your blog. Because your blog is a comforting place for them, they will come back. Also, because your blog is a place of comfort and solutions for your audience, they will become over time receptive to your calls to action and buy from you.  This is also the essence of attraction marketing.

Focusing On Your End Result

When you think about net based businesses, try to think about how things are for your end result. So with a blog, there are very many ways it can streamline your marketing, and you can gain leverage in ways not available with a static site.

Reasons I DO Like Social Media

For the most part, the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is how to use social media marketing. It’s a lot simpler and you can be incredibly effective when you do this with a blog but you also need to see the end result of your social media. You will be getting more highly targeted traffic with your social media and other marketing the point of which should be to get them to your blog so that you can interact with them, providing them with solutions, both free and paid or directing them to a sales funnel.

From here, your job is to make these people regular readers and subscribers to your email list. Even if you think your business is only small, it’s still important to present a professional image at all times. You should find this becomes easy with a blog.

How to make money with a blog starts with recognizing that your blog represents your business to the online world. There is nothing wrong with identifying yourself as the CEO – if it is your business you are its CEO, and you can have different email accounts for different areas of your business. For example, you can, or even Again, a static site will let you do all these things, but a blog is much faster and easier to update when changes occur.

Convenience and time-saving is what makes using a blog so worthwhile.

The blogging platform as a business tool will automatically give you an opportunity for more flexibility with marketing and other important areas. One thing you should think about with being more flexible is speed of execution and changing directions. It’s not just normal, it is common to have to make adjustments to your marketing. The quicker you are at this, the better and more efficient your business will be. If you think the need for that does not exist, then just think about what happens with Google algorithm updates, etc. Learning how to make money with a blog means recognizing that Web business is fluid; it changes as quickly as the wind changes direction in the sky. So you need to be able to actually respond and blogging helps you do this more quickly.

How To Make Money With a Blog: Considerations

When you weigh the choices of blogging or not, answering the question of how to make money with a blog as it relates to your business, it is important to consider how fluid the web can be. When you’re still learning the ropes of web business, it’s important to spend some time figuring out just what is possible for you to do. To use one example, there are policies that will change in a moment–and sometimes these changing policies can have a serious impact on your business. Usually there is a specific marketing method that will be changed, but there are other areas to be concerned about as well.

Another thing to consider is the need for a Customer Relationship Management tool.  If you are in a business that wants repeat business from your customers, you absolutely, positively need a CRM. Learning how to make money with a blog means learning which tools are effective and necessary; a CRM is both. Click here to see the CRM I personally use for my business.

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1 Clearly there are limits on this. No hosting service would put up with a blog or customer that promoted anything that was immoral, illegal or unethical or promoted any kind of hurtful behavior.