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What Is Internet Marketing? A Key to Success

What Is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet marketing? In this day and age, it may seem silly to ask such a question.

“Everyone knows what Internet marketing is,” you say. Looking at the drop out or failure rate folks either don’t know how or decide it is not worth it.

Look at the way the ones who get it right live. I really don’t think it is a case of deciding it is not worth it. I agree without qualification that the competition is stiff, though.

Look at Amazon. Amazon is not only successful, it has reached a success plateau only enjoyed by a few. That few includes folks like Armand Hammer, the industrialist.  Rumor has it Amazon is so successful they are not even having to pay Federal income tax.  Yes, success and power. Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of $125.2 billion answers the question of ‘what is Internet marketing?’ rather soundly.

My point here is not to discuss the merits or justice of his success. It is not to pass judgement on his use of tax law to benefit his company. I use it only to point out that marketing products and services online is worth the work. So, get it right and your life changes.

What is Internet marketing? It is the key for every person not born into the life they wish for to create that life.

What Is Internet Marketing and Why I Do It

I am a lucky man. I have a job at this point, a good one. It offers security that most don’t enjoy these days. The health insurance would qualify as a Gold level plan under Obamacare. The retirement plan is the gold standard of retirement plans, a defined benefit plan backed by a taxing authority. When I retire I will not have to worry about running out of money as long as I live. Unless the government fails. That is an entirely different discussion.

So, that being the case, why do I engage in an online business that eats up some of my evenings and weekends and takes time away from my marriage?

Plainly put, I like it. I like the idea of building a business whose success is measured to a great degree by the number of folks I can help succeed. I have chosen a business that I believe in, whose product I will never get tired of seeing pile up in my home, that I enjoy, that I like to collect and whose value is well established.

What Is Internet Marketing’s Advantages?

What is Internet marketing’s advantages is an excellent jumping off point for all kinds of related subjects. A short list would include:

  1. Internet marketing creates Resources and selling assets that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  2. It works better when the weather is bad. If you consider your website a sales person, then you have a sales person who goes into your customers’ homes in fair weather or foul. When the weather is bad, folks shop online.
  3. Creating quality content is creating a resource whose Return on Investment can approach infinity over time.
  4. Once it’s done, you never have to alter it.
  5. Once an effective piece is written, you can either re purpose it in the future or use it as a template to market other goods and services.

What Is Internet Marketing? Sharing Stuff You Love

A pretty good definition to the question of ‘what is Internet marketing?’ can also be answered with ‘sharing things you love and believe in.’ Jeff Bezos is like me, he is a bibliophile, or lover of books, I am quite certain.

Go find your passion and let’s get it online.  Wow, there is a one sentence business plan. You answer the first part and we will together get the second part done.

That goes back to the question of why do I personally do it if I have such a wonderful job? Well, I can think of all kinds of things to do in life that do not involve getting up, driving through traffic just so’s I can be told what to do all day by someone else.

I did not sit around as a child dreaming of being someone else’s mule and I don’t think you did, either. Dreams are of going places exotic, driving cars that are even more exotic and sometimes spending the entire quarter not once worried about a clock. Again, not a complaint.


What Is Internet Marketing’s Relationship to Google Algorithms?

We have all read about businesses that from time to time will have their entire business model destroyed by Google making changes to how the search engine’s algorithm ranks web sites and directs traffic. This is a fact of life, just like tornadoes in Kansas and Alabama.

Thing is, if you spend as much time making sure your products and services are quality then your satisfied customers will continue to sell for you. They will continue to talk to their friends and family about you and your business. Tales of how you solve problems will continue to spread by word of mouth.

Those folks will then come to your site.

No matter how much Google tweaks its algorithm, they cannot stop word of mouth recommendations to folks to come see your site.

Key to Success

Focusing on quality products and service will secure your future.

So, think. What is your passion? Do you love your job? Few do. What do you spend your time thinking, talking, dreaming and scheming about?  Answer that and you are halfway to the promised land.

Tips to Increase Your Internet Marketing Promotion

Getting the best out of your answer to what is Internet marketing campaign depends on your approach. In this article we discuss a few Internet marketing tips that go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals.


People are going to compete with you in all types of businesses and internet marketing is no exception.

That is a good thing. If there is no competition, there is no money to be made. Were the knowledge of how to succeed in Internet marketing widely available, everyone would do it. Again, this leaves no reason to pay you well.

Whatever you happen to be offering online, and in whatever niche, there are always  people going up against you. You can let that competition scare you or you can push forward and be stronger because of it. Learning from the experience of having that competition will have success finding you more easily.

Read books on competition. I am reading Extreme Ownership written by two former Navy SEALS. It also offers lessons on leadership and problem solving, both areas critical to success.

Learn From the Competition

Internet marketers need to realize that all businesses on the internet are always becoming different. Studying your competition is a good way to avoid the mistakes they’re making and you’ll do things the right way the first time. Your competition should never be copied or cheated, but you should learn from them and learn why they do what they do.

Competition is something you are always going to have so you should try to see what they’re doing for your own benefit. Studying those competitors is a good way to find success. You may feel at times that the competition is too fierce when it comes to internet marketing, but just wait and that will change. Seeing where your competition is going wrong will let you know what to do right. If you can point out the mistakes before you make them, you’ll make the right choices and your business will last.

Copy Writing and Your Headline

Developing copy that works is key to selling a lot of products. Your sales letter is selling for you, something lots of internet marketers don’t realize. What a sales letter does for you is amazing because it acts like your 24/7 salesman who’s constantly working. Before jumping into creating a sales letter, be clear about one of the most important elements, which is the headline of your copy. You must create a headline that gets attention or else you won’t succeed at writing a good sales letter. You must dedicate lots of time to your headline if you ever hope to have people look at the rest of your copy.

Don’t forget the use RSS feeds to reach out to a wider audience. Really Simple Syndication RSS is reaching more people every day. It offers you an easy way to keep updated on whatever topic you like. This means that, for every site you have, your RSS feed needs to be easily accessible. In conclusion, Internet marketing is your savior when you’re trying to escape from your 9 to 5 rat race. So, jump in and give it a whirl.


Facebook is to online marketing what Google is to searching. For now, ‘what is Internet marketing’ is arguably a synonym for ‘what is Facebook marketing?’  Go here and get your first 1,000 fans to get more leads, recruit more reps and become a Top Earner in YOUR home business or business.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

I would love to here from you about your business experiences!

Make Money Blogging In 2017

Make Money Blogging in 2017

Make money blogging.

For the person who:

  • hates traffic
  • enjoys the company of his wife and children more than most
  • does not desire to have someone set his daily priorities for him.
  • looks at those online reports of how no one is coming to save you or give you anything and chuckles
  • hates cubicles

…the idea of learning to make money blogging is a bright light of hope. They understand that they are not their job. Their job does not define them.

A job is how you eat. It is how you take care of your family. Nothing else. To the extent your job defines who you are, you are defined by another human being and not yourself.

So, what is the plan?

The Plan

What Do I Sell?

You can sell:

  1. Your own products if have them or plan to produce them.
  2. Products and services of others you either like and use or think folks will benefit from.
  3. Include Google Adsense and such. Small change but when you blog becomes popular that income can be significant.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

First, understand that you are going to have to be patient.  Blogging is planting, like a farmer plants seeds.

You plant at the beginning of spring.

You collect the fruits of your labors as the end of the summer.

Remember that old soap opera, ‘Days of Our Lives?’ Well…

Like seeds in the ground, so also are the blog posts on our websites.
-Tim Singleton

Your First 90 Days

Breaking your year into 90 day segments is a good way to organize your work. It gives you a time frame long enough that you can do some serious work as well as be able to observe the results.

Once you know what you want to do, you decide how far along in the process you feel like you can get in that time period. It is okay if you want to start out with small expectations for your first 90.

That is not because I don’t believe you can accomplish great things; just exactly the opposite.

It is precisely because I believe that you, a human, an offspring of Deity, can accomplish anything that sits within the boundaries of your imagination.

We just want to stretch the perceived boundaries imposed by your imagination. Every 90 days expand your borders a little bit.

You will do this until you realize that the boundaries are set by you.

Then they disappear.

Then you get rich.

Another 90 Day Plan

All the big, six figure+ earners in the online marketing space agree that one can be independent in 90 days. You can make money blogging in your first 90 days. Lots of folks do.

Yes, that is something that is agreed upon. As with all things, the devil is in the details.    Also, let me be clear, overtly so, that there are no guarantees in this or any other business. If there were guarantees, they would pay you minimum wage because they, not you, are taking all the risk.

But, back to making money in your first 90 days. When I got started in this last go round, I make my first $125.00 commission in about three weeks. So, I know without a doubt it can be done because I did it.

I did not even work particularly hard at it. The purchase was made through a blog post I had set up.

You get me? Here is what you are going to do in order to repeat it:

  1. Set up your blog.
  2. Pick something you want to sell.
  3. Write a blog post
  4. Post it.
  5. Promote it.

You do this. People will see your post. Those who:

  • Like what they read
  • Think you can help them
  • Who and find the articles, videos and free training that you provide helpful

will then spend money with you to solve their other problems.

What do you do if your 90 days does not get you to where you want to go?

Make another 90 day plan based on what your learned in your first.

In Conclusion

Is this an oversimplification? Yep.

You will have to develop your own style and understand that as you read, learn, observe and study your own style will emerge. As your style emerges, so, too, will your native audience.

For one of the best courses I have been through on blogging go here.

I bought it. I learned a lot, therefore I am recommending it to you.

If you like this post or found it helpful, please like and share.


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Tim Singleton

Not everyone is attracted to the same social media platform, therefore, I have included links to Coursework for the top three social media sites:

  1. FaceBook Cheat Sheet Giveaway
  2. Video Marketing – YouTube Lead-Gen Video and PDF
  3. Twitter Training – Get 15 Leads Daily in 20 Min

Read More

Local Internet Marketing For Small Business

Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet marketing is something a lot of folks for whatever reason have not engaged in for their small business. The thinking, near as I can tell, is something along the lines of ‘All my customers walk in or drive by. I run ads in the local paper, radio stations and word of mouth referrals; therefore, marketing on the Internet is really not that big an issue for me and my company.’

Be that as it may, some folks simply do not want to be involved with:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Blogging is anathema to these folks.
  • Being on Facebook has not happened.
  • Being on Facebook is not going to happen.

Sometimes, for the owner of a local business, online marketing makes them want to pull the shades and close for the day.

T’Ain’t Happenin,’ Amigo

For some, local Internet marketing services is not something they want. Fair enough.

More exposure and folks discussing your business is something you want to happen.

A larger market share is something you want.

Increase profitability is something you want.

Having said that I cannot imagine that if you work in the Widget business in Pooh-ville that you would not want your name to come up when a search query is entered into Google asking, “Who sells widgets in Pooh-ville?”

Being in the Widget business in Pooh-ville you want your name to come up when that question is asked.

Google’s ‘Google My Business’ Is For Everybody

Google makes it pretty easy for the small business person to minimize the effort needed to make sure locals looking for your business can find you. Local Marketing On Google is a site that helps you quickly take advantage of Google My Business so folks looking for you can find you.

Google My Business gives you a web page where

  1. Your business is front and center
  2. Because you set your local page up, those searching locally quickly and easily find you.
  3. Customers can quickly see what your business is about
  4. You can post pictures of your business
  5. Many set up a virtual tour so folks have an idea what to expect.
  6. There is a review section, too, so folks can brag about your services.

In short it helps you reach local customers on a platform that is designed to use local marketing search tools to market local businesses to local customers.

How You Use ‘Google My Business’

Google My Business gives you a dashboard from which you can see what is going on. You can manage your company’s contact and location information. Editing your information results in Google Search and Maps dynamically updating your information.

All your reviews are here for you to, well, review. You can

  • Contact those who write positively in order to retain them as customers
  • See things like how many folks have clicked on your phone number.
  • Number of page views.
  • Give interested customers directions to you.

How To Address The Real Problem

The real problem is even today there is a bit of an air of complexity around online marketing. The solution is to take a deep breath and understand that you don’t have to swallow the solution whole.

Local Internet marking is complex but it is relatively compartmentalized. You can do things one at a time.

Because you have done things a certain way since starting your business, implementing new marketing efforts is often just plain scary. Due to your having done things for years this way, it is often easy to just keep doing them that way.

Don’t stop doing those things. Clearly, they work. Because they work you are able to keep your customers. While this is a good thing, it is the gradual implementation of new, local Internet marketing efforts that will grow your business.

Because your customer base is growing from new exposure, your profits increase and you become comfortable with your new market channels. This leads to even more innovation on your part.

In Conclusion

Since you say your interest in the Internet for your business is small, you are leaving money on the table.

I say you don’t understand the value of new business your taking advantage of the Internet can bring you. Taking advantage of the free local Internet marketing tools that Google offers results in more profitability.


local Internet marketing





Tim Singleton

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MLM Leads: Online Generation Is Necessary

MLM Leads

MLM leads generation is job one for the budding or beginning MLM’er or network marketing person.

First of all, I am surprised some companies will forbid their distributors to use the Internet to market their product line or to build a team. Furthermore, I question their commitment to their distributors success. Why do I say such a hard thing? I am a nice guy, after all.

Having A Company Means Having An Internet Presence

Because this is the 21st century, having a company means having an Internet presence.

Oh, sure, they may give them a sign up page or an online catalog.

Guess how much traffic Google refers to them.

  • Zero.
  • Zilch.
  • Bupkis.
  • Nada.

Unsolicited opinion here: No matter how good your product line may be, no matter how good your line of services offered you have to have leads, period.

Since the share with your ‘friends and family’ plan results in such a high failure rate, it seems to me that taking advantage of the Internet would be as natural as breathing. Therefore, anyone standing in your way of using that resource needs to be re-evaluated as to what they bring to the table in terms of you building your business.

Your company wanting to prevent you from using the Internet means you should sit down and consider just how devoted you are to it.  Most of all, your should think about the company’s level of devotion to your success.

The company’s business plan is built on less than 1% of their distributors succeeding while 16% or 17% of those failed distributors hanging on as customers since the product itself is generally.

There are tons of businesses out there who encourage the use of the World Wide Web.


Channels For Generating MLM Leads Online

Marketing Channels

This is hardly an exhaustive list.

Being Online Solves Problems

It solves the problems folks hate most about multi-level or network marketing. When you market online rather than trying to arm bar a family member into a sale it is lot less stressful.

Due to your using the Internet to generate MLM leads, folks who you look for, your target market, will start finding you. As a result, you will no longer have to:

  1. Have home parties.
  2. Engage in cold calling.
  3. Keep inventory.

MLM lead generation is just more fun when done online.

MLM Lead Generation

Paid for leads or using the awesome amount of free MLM leads sources, that is the question. The simplest answer is I suppose, “It depends on your budget.’

You can do both, of course. If your budget allows it, I very much recommend you do some paid advertising.

Don’t despair if your current budget cannot carry advertising costs. Here’s why.

In network marketing leads lists are one of the very first things new folks get excited about.

“Wow, a million names for $49.95! If I only get 1% response I am retired!”

-Newbie who 2 years later has yet to receive an override check in the double digits…from someone else’s purchases who is not related to him.

Cheap MLM Leads Are Worthless

So, what to do?

  1. Save your money.
  2. Fill up your gas tank.
  3. While there, grab your favorite beverage in case you get thirsty.
  4. Go cruise through the neighborhoods in which you dream about living.
  5. Visit a car dealership. Have you seen the latest Corvette? Chevrolet is really back on track with that one.

Because you did the above, or something like it, you will be inspired. As a result, you will find yourself spurred on to doing something truly productive, like doing a little keyword research and writing a post on your blog that actually solves someone’s problem.

Okay. Done with the ride? All refreshed? Great.

Solving folks’ problems or helping to inspire them to keep going in what may seem to them to be hopeless circumstances is how you generate MLM leads. Daily.

Yes, that is an oversimplification.

In conclusion, I am saying, “Don’t throw money down a hole.”

While there is that old saying, “It takes money to make money,” it is a bit misleading. It takes SMART money to make money and your using your time and money to generate your own MLM leads is you being smart.

Consequently, the leads you generate from creating useful valuable content that solves problems for you readers, you will be generating free,targeted leads of folks who have developed a level of trust in you that will lead them to buying from you goods and services that solve their problems or fills their needs.

Best Regards,

mlm leads





Tim Singleton

Because training from successful folks is necessary for you to succeed, you want to start with the best. Therefore, you should go here to learn from the best.


Ways To Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to make money online is a subject of interest to students, home makers, the unemployed, underemployed and folks whose budget does not meet the outgo obligations. If you are looking for ways to make money online you are either not making enough money, you hate what you are doing or you have obligations at home driving you to find a way to make money online.

It is my suspicion that folks looking for ways to make money online probably have a very large cross over with the folks looking for ways to make money from home.

50 Shades of Green

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Here is an article outlining “40 easy ways to make money quickly“. Some are pretty sad because they basically want you to hold a yard sale or sell your old CDs.

A short list would include:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Auctioning off or selling through your own website products you buy at wholesale.
  3. Network marketing. The friends and family thing sucks, even when it works. You are looking for a larger audience.
  4. Reviewing web sites if you have that skill set.
  5. Offering your Microsoft Office skills to folks who want to outsource from time to time.
  6. Taking surveys.
  7. Online market trading
  8. Write and publish your own Kindle book.
  9. Clickwork
  10. Being a mystery shopper.

Short Breakdown of These Methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing rocks. Folks make solid 6 figure incomes and better from this field. Basically, you get a link from a company that links you to their product line. When someone clicks on your link and buys, you make a commission. Here is a more in-depth article on the subject.

Also, you see on the right a subject list of which affiliate marketing is one.


Things you no longer want, which is a short term solution, can be auctioned off online. Folks do that through their own website or through auction sites like eBay. Doing this can lead to significant incomes, too. You will need to source products so you have stuff to sell. Amazon also has a partner program you can link to.

No residual income streams are available through this method, buf if you enjoy selling ‘stuff’ this is certainly the way to go. You will want to source products from drop shippers at some point, of course.

Network Marketing

The Internet is a heaven sent solution for the network marketing professional. It relieves you of the necessity to call on friends and family. It also eliminates your lying in wait in bookstores and public hoping to run into someone who is looking for a business opportunity.

When looking for ways to make money online do not give network marketing short shrift. Yes, it is true that 98% of the folks who enter into it fail, mostly within 90 days but that is because your plan to sell and make the next level as a distributor has little to nothing to do with the business plan of the company in question.

Pay attention here: The business plan of the company takes into account that 98%+ of new distributors will fail.

Their business plan cannot be your business plan.

The short version is any company offering their stuff through a network marketing concern knows that:

  • 98% of distributors fail
  • 16% will stay on as lifetime customers.

That 16% is the holy grail for the company.

The Internet gives you the opportunity to market like a professional, making your chances for success greater in my opinion. You can read more about network marketing here.

Reviewing Websites

Folks will tell you this is easy to do, just sign up for our course and you will be on your way to…blah, blah, blah.

You can make money doing this, for sure. The skillset is more rarified than you think and if you have doubts about your ability to do this, you should save your money, seems to me.

Offering your Microsoft Office skills

If you have mad, or maybe not so mad, Office skills, you can make money online. Sites such as eLance prove it everyday.

Often times a company has certain short term projects they want done in a hurry but don’t have the in house skills to do it the way they want it done. This is where you, the Office professional, can make a good sized buck. You save them from the need to hire you and provide benefits and they pay you a higher wage than they could an employee.

This can and often does lead to repeat work from satisfied clients and even long term running contracts that provide some stability to your income.

Taking Surveys

Purely a spare cash kind of thing. There are courses out there claiming you can make a living income from just doing surveys. I very much doubt it but filling out surveys can definitely help reduce the strain of a bill or two. I know because I have done it in the past.

Don’t waste your time on a course on taking surveys. I have a link to one if you really want it, but my opinion is just start looking for companies that claim to want to pay you for taking their surveys and who will let you sign up for free. It can take some time but if you stick at it you will see significant monies coming in before long.

I am going to include mystery shopping here with surveys because:

  1. The potential income is limited
  2. While limited it can help reduce a bill or two
  3. I have done it and gotten a little money from time to time
  4. Sometimes you get rewarded with neat free stuff.

Mystery shopping can be fun as it gets you out of the house, maybe earns you a little money and can reward you with neat free stuff from time to time.

Online Market Trading

Day trading and Forex. Highly technical areas and I suspect most of the money is earned selling these courses to folks who really don’t have the pockets to stand the risks involved. That is an entirely personal opinion and worth what you paid for it.

Write and publish your own Kindle book.

Like with Office skills, if you have some special talent, insight into something lots of folks worry about or can tell a good yarn you might want to turn it into a Kindle book so folks can benefit from it while you benefit from their paying for it.

Amazon has a program just for electronic media authors as do some other companies. A word of warning, though. Make sure you understand who holds the copyright and publishing privileges. You might not want to worry so much about a collection of rice recipes but if you are trying to market your novel, your opus, better safe than sorry.

I have written two novels of a trilogy and am in the process of finding someone to do a line edit before I try to publish it. Electronic publishing was looked at but the fine print was so fine I could not be sure I was still the owner of the book if I were to sign on.

If you don’t see a breakdown of the method above it is because I don’t think it is worth breaking down

From here on, we will make the assumption that you are here looking for ways to make money online with methods that have the following characteristics.

  • You want to make next month at least what you made this month.
  • You would like to not have to re-invent the wheel every month, so residual income is a plus.
  • A real income, at least equal to a good job’s pay, is your goal.
  • You are not looking for beer money, but real income.

In Conclusion

Finding ways to make monley online is easy. Do a search on the phrase and you will get inundated with ways.

Mention it on a discussion board and you will find your email slammed to the point of never being able to read it all.

For me, there are really only fours ways to make money online:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Marketing your own products and services
  3. Finally saying yes to some of your friends who are in network marketing and then taking it to the Internet.
  4. Creating your own retail website for products you buy wholesale or have a drop shipper who does your fulfillment.


Ways To Make Money Online





Tim Singleton

If you are going to invest in building an online business or are looking to maximize your chances for success, you will need training. This is the training I use and it works.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies fall into two main categories at the outset. Those categories are:

  • Paid
  • Unpaid.

Internet marketing strategies in 2015 and those in 2016 differ. The main reason is social media becoming incrasingly influential and pervasive.

A business does not have a business plan or marketing plan unless it addresses the Internet. You might think that is an obvious thing at this date far removed from the Internet’s beginnings but to some it is still something they plan to get to, some time.

Whether you include your Internet marketing plan as part of your overall marketing plan or consider it a separate issue you need to understand that each channel has its own peculiarities.

What works in one may not work in another or, even worse, can actively cost you money and hurt your company’s brand.

Some of the channels are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linked In
  4. YouTube
  5. Skype
  6. Pinterest
  7. Blogging
  8. Forums


Facebook identifies the basic steps of marketing on its site as:

  • Set up your page.
  • Identify your audience.
  • Create compelling content.
  • Advertise.
  • Measure and adjust.

Internet marketing strategies for Facebook are best met with the Attraction Marketing methods. Also, Facebook’s basic primer for using their platform can be seen here.


Twitter gives these basic instructions as how to maximize your marketing efforts on its platform:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Use visuals in your tweets.
  3. Incorporate relevant hashtags.
  4. Ask questions and run polls.
  5. Curate and connect with retweets and replies.

Twitter’s instruction page on Internet marketing strategies that work on its platform can be see here.


Linkedin is a bit different. It is not aimed at everyone. It is aimed at serving and connecting its 400 million users as an aid to networking with and marketing to each other.

Linkedin provides sponsored ads driven to its subscribers that fit your chosen demographics.

As you can see, Linkedin is focused on B2B and emphasizes it ability to provide a unified message across all devices. Making sure your message is readable and usable across all devices is now a requirement.


YouTube is the easiest thing in the world to optimize for SEO.

Your video should stand on its own, of course. A simple starting point on YouTube videos is to:

  • Create a post on your blog.
  • Create a video relating to and commenting on the subject of the blog post.
  • Embed your YouTube video into your blog post.
  • Put a link in your YouTube commentary about the video to your blog post.
  • Link to what you are promoting with a call to action. Go here.

By using keywords and links between your blog post and YouTube you give both your post and your video valuable backlinks. A backlink from YouTube is especially valuable to your blog’s visibility on Google.


Skype, like the above is a combination of content marketing with tools heavy on enabling close interaction with folks on their mobile devices both one on one and is group broadcasts. While other social media channels are making themselves mobile friendly, mobility is built into Skype’s genes.

It is an outgrowth of the former Lync in Microsoft Office. While I don’t currently use Skype as a channel, a lot of folks do and it is certainly something of which you should be aware.


There are lots of ways to promote on Pinterest. Translation, there is so much and so many ways to promote on Pinterest that it would be a disservice to even try to break it down into a single paragraph or two, even as a poor summary.

However, here are a couple of tips that seem to be agreed upon:

  1. Include a price tag. Pinterest folks seem to be buyers, especially when compared to all the Constitutional scholars on Facebook arguing over sometimes I cannot tell what.
  2. Be social and comment on other folk’s pins, share the ones that helped you.
  3. Look at this: A Simple Cheat Sheet for Using Pinterest for Marketing [Infographic].


This is my favorite channel because I like the act of writing. Consequently, once I get past all the distractions in life that seem so important and finally sit down to write it comes as easily as breathing.

Some don’t, however, and, just as I have had to get over my resistance to YouTube marketing, you’ll need to work through resistance to writing. Besides, blogging is also one of the lowest cost channels for you to start. As a result, it has what I think is the highest potential Return On Investment of any channel.

Some things to remember:

  • Because Google loves WordPress you would do well to give it serious consideration.
  • The minimum length a blog post should be is 300 characters. Optimum is 1500 so, the more you tell, the more you sell.
  • Furthermore, since Google loves original content you should speak from YOUR heart. This will help you create new content.
  • Embed your YouTube videos into your blog posts.
  • Include images in your post with the ALT tag set to the keyword your focusing on in that post.

24 X 7

Due to things like blog posts, Facebook Fan pages and tweets on twitter being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for interested parties you run the not unpleasant risk of getting paid something for every hour of the day. As a consequence, you may have to limit the times of day when you check your email.

I know I spend one day a week unsubscribing from considerate folks’ emails who are kind enough to think I might be interested in what they have to offer. Therefore, you need to be careful to what you subscribe. Due to many places selling their lists you will have days when you your email is an anchor on your time.

In conclusion the following are daily activities you will engage in on your way to success:

  1. You create new marketing material daily. Therfore, the day is coming when your money is growing daily.
  2. Because studying is a daily habit, you are growing daily as a marketer.
  3. Again, since reading is a daily habit, you are more able to provide value to your customers.

I hope these ideas and tips are as helpful to you as they have been to me.


Internet Marketing Strategies





Tim Singleton

An Internet Marketing Company?

So, You Want To Build An Internet Marketing Company?

Why You Cannot, Must Not, Dare Not Do it.

So, you want to build an Internet marketing company? How does that make you feel?

Oft times when someone is faced with doing what they really want to do in their heart of hearts they will suddenly find themselves looking for reasons not to do it.

Those reasons are many. Here are a few:

  1. I am too poor or broke.
  2. I am too rich, established in my job, have too much to lose.
  3. I am too old.
  4. I am too young.
  5. My wife won’t support me in it.
  6. My husband won’t support me in it.
  7. I have too many parental responsibilities.
  8. I am taking care of my aged parents.
  9. I have an ingrown toenail; it is quite tragic, really.

Relax. You Don’t Have To Do It Today

Many in the online sphere will scream and holler at you about if you don’t move on it now your opportunity to live the good life may be gone forever, never to come again, alas all is lost if you don’t.

Do.  It.  Right.  Now.

I am not that guy.

Retailing, etailing, eCommerce and all the possible vast fortunes they will grow are only going to get larger. Google nannies aside, there is little preventing the next set of billionaires from growing in the online space, seems to me. The question is, will you be one of the ones who makes it?

Take a breath, look at this thing objectively, decide if you want it badly enough to work hard for it. Also, another reason some folks might be hesitant to start to build an Internet marketing company is lack of knowledge on the subject.

Relax, what to do is out there for those willing to do the work.

If hard work is a problem, this is not for you.

The Job of An Internet Marketing Company

Well, job number one is for the principles of said company to educate themselves on what the market wants, to ask themselves who is their perfect customer and what does that person want?

Every single successful guru that I have read or talked with has been clear that the mistake the beginner makes is trying to figure out a way to SELL the latest miracle butt cream more effectively to the customer.

The effective guru says to figure out what the market, or ‘the perfect customer’ wants and then get in position to offer it when they come looking.

They ALWAYS come looking, too. -the Author.

This implies the need for you to figure out what niche you want to be in. “I want as broad a product line as possible so I have as many customers are possible” is a reasonable position to take.

It also puts you in the position of competing with WalMart. There are a lot of corporate corpses on that floor, my friend. Pick a niche in which you are interested and learn what the perfect customer in that niche wants.

Then make it easy for them to get it from you.

Channels On the Internet

The way marketing is carried out on the Internet ranges widely:

  • Brick and mortar companies such as WalMart sticking their entire product line on to the net as a front end for their database of goods.
  • The affiliate marketer who has found they have an ability to persuade folks to try stuff they like.
  • The Network Marketer who, while he or she just absolutely loves their product line, has figured out that their up line knows exactly squat about marketing and sales from the standpoint of building an effective team, fast.

99.99% of the folks reading this are going to immediately know they are going to fall into either the camp of affiliate marketers or network marketers. As they go along, they are also going to find themselves wandering back and forth between the two camps, too.

Training, You Need Training

Whether you are simply promoting your own small business, marketing through affiliate links or are building a network marketing team it is imperative that you understand you are marketing YOU, yourself, as a trusted source of good products and services.

That means you need to be marketing yourself as a trusted brand.

Go here to see the company that has trained more 6 and 7 yearly income earners that any other.

Best Regards,

Internet marketing company





Tim Singleton

Internet Marketing: Life Lessons

Internet Marketing, Getting started

If you are in the dark as to how to get started with Internet marketing, justInternet marketing


“…all great beginnings start in the dark.”

Don’t have it all figured out?

Congratulations, welcome to the human race, being in business for yourself and the more or less constant state of affairs for the entrepreneur.

“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.”
-Shannon L. Alder

Besides, I am here to help you out with that.

Getting Started

This is directed at what I consider to be my tribe, although it is helpful to everyone. At the end of the day the problems facing those engaged in Internet marketing, the affiliate marketing and the network marketing professional are the same set.

  1. Find or develop good products and services you believe in so that when you setup your site on the Internet marketing is not accompanied by conscience pangs or refunds.
  2. Develop a website that engages your target audience. This means SEO, copywriting, knowing your product line.
  3. Traffic. This mean you create an environment which gives people a reason to come to your site and Google a reason to send searchers to you and not your competition.

But I begin to wander…

You have skills; you know your mind is quick. Sometimes you wonder why other folks don’t catch some things that seem very simple to you.

…and it pisses you off mightily that they are kicking your rear end when you step into the arena of making money with Internet marketing.

You ask yourself, “Why can I not simply do what I am told and then start cashing the checks?

My money is on perfectionism. It is most likely the state of wishing to make no mistakes.

Things to watch for as you start out:

  • Perfectionism.
  • Procrastination
  • Valuing the opinions of those whose opinion is of no value in your life.
  • Fear of failure (understandable.)
  • Fear of success (insanity but one with a clear pathology.)
  • Valuing perceived security over everything else.

There are other things to watch out for, but these are a good place to start. As you read future posts we will cover those as well.


Please quit trying to get everything perfectly laid out and in place before you launch your Internet marketing enterprise.

Speaking as a fellow who has lost decades to trying to get everything laid out just so, perfectly, with all my i’s dotted and all my t’s crossed, trying to wait until you can execute everything and with no mistakes will cost you everything.

Quit trying to be perfect in your execution and instead concentrate on getting started by a certain date, say, 10PM tonight.

Not doable, you say?

Not the point, really.

You only have so much time you can work on your business today.

Use that time as if you are trying to launch the Queen Victoria by the end of today’s work day.

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

-George S. Patton

Do you spend hours trying to aim your car so that the path you take is the most mileage fuel efficient in terms of fuel usage? Using the absolute minimum number of miles to get there?

Can you imagine the frustration of your passengers as you took measurements of when and where to turn your steering wheel to pull out into traffic in the most efficient manner? Is this analogy wearing thin?

Just start.  Get some energy into your business by putting your first blog post out there, introducing yourself and the type of products you are going to represent.

Go to ClickBank and set up an account. Look around for things that interest you and make a purchase. If you love it, great! Write a positive review with your hoplink and when you make a sale, you make a commission.

If the product is trash, well, you have learned a lesson. This is still a win for you because now you have a reason to write a review.   Write a review telling about your experience and why you do not believe it to be a wise purchase for your readers.

Either way, you are in business. Today. Perfection can come later.

Remember that you are on the Internet marketing you as a brand to be relied upon for good products and accurate information.

Make sure that you market the fact that when you represent something it is because you are vouching for its quality and your endorsement is valuable to your readers.


The solution to the problem of procrastinating has been found.

I will be posting a full, in depth review of this system and how it works, how you need never worry about putting things off again next week sometime.

Valuing The Opinions of Others

Lots of folks want to be in business for themselves. Probably 95% of them get talked out of going into business by well meaning friends and relatives, too.

“What do you think of maybe my starting a little business on the side?” a young man inquires of his father in law, who make his living as an oil change technician at one of the many quick oil change places around town.

Reaching into the in vast depths of the business education he received while learning to replace oil filters, choosing between dinosaur sauce and full synthetic motor oils the father in law says, “Oh, I know all about that stuff. It will never work. You are just wasting your time.”

If you are going to get an opinion from someone, at least take the time to determine whether the source of that opinion is qualified to have one.

In any case, you need to understand that it is your opinion and no on else’s that must be the deciding factor.

You need to value your opinion more than others.

This is your life and the business you start will be yours.

Fear of Failure and Fear of Success

These are two sides of the same coin.

The familiar cliché is fear of failure, but that’s a misnomer. Most people are very familiar with failure, and as a consequence have very little fear of it.

-Russell Friedman

It took some time for me to deal with this issue when I started trying to master Internet marketing. Since I correctly felt like fear of success was pointless and stupid, it was not possible that I was afraid of success.

Likewise, fear of failure was in my mind a healthy position to take since it was logical to me that fearing failure would make you show up early and get done what needed to be done.

Here is the problem. Under stress we revert to old ways and habits. This is why a dry drunk will often to turn to alcohol for solace.

Once again quoting Russell Friedman, “In a crisis we go back to old beliefs and old behaviors.”

Knowing this we have to make the conscious decision to not return to old ways.

If old ways worked, you would not be in the position of searching for a new outcome.

Valuing Perceived Security Over Everything Else

One thing that can slow you down a bit is the idea that being in business for yourself is a risky business in and of itself.

Well, if you work for someone else in their business you are making the simple statement that you have more faith in your employer’s ability to provide security than you do your own. This may be a valid opinion, but not one that cannot be changed with time and work.

Okay, Which Internet Marketing Channel Should I Start With?

There is no test.

There is no survey designed to tell you which channel is most suited to your personality.

Tomorrow we will look at the four things all the uber successful folks share.

If you read through this post, I want to say thank you. I know it was a long one but these things covered today are critical for you to deal with as you start out.

Best Regards,

Internet marketing





Tim Singleton

When starting out your Internet marketing business, you might as well’s to start out right. This essential tool is the difference between a broke business owner and a 6-Figure Pro.  Are you readyT to GO PRO?!

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