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What Is Internet Marketing? A Key to Success

What Is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet marketing? In this day and age, it may seem silly to ask such a question.

“Everyone knows what Internet marketing is,” you say. Looking at the drop out or failure rate folks either don’t know how or decide it is not worth it.

Look at the way the ones who get it right live. I really don’t think it is a case of deciding it is not worth it. I agree without qualification that the competition is stiff, though.

Look at Amazon. Amazon is not only successful, it has reached a success plateau only enjoyed by a few. That few includes folks like Armand Hammer, the industrialist.  Rumor has it Amazon is so successful they are not even having to pay Federal income tax.  Yes, success and power. Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of $125.2 billion answers the question of ‘what is Internet marketing?’ rather soundly.

My point here is not to discuss the merits or justice of his success. It is not to pass judgement on his use of tax law to benefit his company. I use it only to point out that marketing products and services online is worth the work. So, get it right and your life changes.

What is Internet marketing? It is the key for every person not born into the life they wish for to create that life.

What Is Internet Marketing and Why I Do It

I am a lucky man. I have a job at this point, a good one. It offers security that most don’t enjoy these days. The health insurance would qualify as a Gold level plan under Obamacare. The retirement plan is the gold standard of retirement plans, a defined benefit plan backed by a taxing authority. When I retire I will not have to worry about running out of money as long as I live. Unless the government fails. That is an entirely different discussion.

So, that being the case, why do I engage in an online business that eats up some of my evenings and weekends and takes time away from my marriage?

Plainly put, I like it. I like the idea of building a business whose success is measured to a great degree by the number of folks I can help succeed. I have chosen a business that I believe in, whose product I will never get tired of seeing pile up in my home, that I enjoy, that I like to collect and whose value is well established.

What Is Internet Marketing’s Advantages?

What is Internet marketing’s advantages is an excellent jumping off point for all kinds of related subjects. A short list would include:

  1. Internet marketing creates Resources and selling assets that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  2. It works better when the weather is bad. If you consider your website a sales person, then you have a sales person who goes into your customers’ homes in fair weather or foul. When the weather is bad, folks shop online.
  3. Creating quality content is creating a resource whose Return on Investment can approach infinity over time.
  4. Once it’s done, you never have to alter it.
  5. Once an effective piece is written, you can either re purpose it in the future or use it as a template to market other goods and services.

What Is Internet Marketing? Sharing Stuff You Love

A pretty good definition to the question of ‘what is Internet marketing?’ can also be answered with ‘sharing things you love and believe in.’ Jeff Bezos is like me, he is a bibliophile, or lover of books, I am quite certain.

Go find your passion and let’s get it online.  Wow, there is a one sentence business plan. You answer the first part and we will together get the second part done.

That goes back to the question of why do I personally do it if I have such a wonderful job? Well, I can think of all kinds of things to do in life that do not involve getting up, driving through traffic just so’s I can be told what to do all day by someone else.

I did not sit around as a child dreaming of being someone else’s mule and I don’t think you did, either. Dreams are of going places exotic, driving cars that are even more exotic and sometimes spending the entire quarter not once worried about a clock. Again, not a complaint.


What Is Internet Marketing’s Relationship to Google Algorithms?

We have all read about businesses that from time to time will have their entire business model destroyed by Google making changes to how the search engine’s algorithm ranks web sites and directs traffic. This is a fact of life, just like tornadoes in Kansas and Alabama.

Thing is, if you spend as much time making sure your products and services are quality then your satisfied customers will continue to sell for you. They will continue to talk to their friends and family about you and your business. Tales of how you solve problems will continue to spread by word of mouth.

Those folks will then come to your site.

No matter how much Google tweaks its algorithm, they cannot stop word of mouth recommendations to folks to come see your site.

Key to Success

Focusing on quality products and service will secure your future.

So, think. What is your passion? Do you love your job? Few do. What do you spend your time thinking, talking, dreaming and scheming about?  Answer that and you are halfway to the promised land.

Tips to Increase Your Internet Marketing Promotion

Getting the best out of your answer to what is Internet marketing campaign depends on your approach. In this article we discuss a few Internet marketing tips that go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals.


People are going to compete with you in all types of businesses and internet marketing is no exception.

That is a good thing. If there is no competition, there is no money to be made. Were the knowledge of how to succeed in Internet marketing widely available, everyone would do it. Again, this leaves no reason to pay you well.

Whatever you happen to be offering online, and in whatever niche, there are always  people going up against you. You can let that competition scare you or you can push forward and be stronger because of it. Learning from the experience of having that competition will have success finding you more easily.

Read books on competition. I am reading Extreme Ownership written by two former Navy SEALS. It also offers lessons on leadership and problem solving, both areas critical to success.

Learn From the Competition

Internet marketers need to realize that all businesses on the internet are always becoming different. Studying your competition is a good way to avoid the mistakes they’re making and you’ll do things the right way the first time. Your competition should never be copied or cheated, but you should learn from them and learn why they do what they do.

Competition is something you are always going to have so you should try to see what they’re doing for your own benefit. Studying those competitors is a good way to find success. You may feel at times that the competition is too fierce when it comes to internet marketing, but just wait and that will change. Seeing where your competition is going wrong will let you know what to do right. If you can point out the mistakes before you make them, you’ll make the right choices and your business will last.

Copy Writing and Your Headline

Developing copy that works is key to selling a lot of products. Your sales letter is selling for you, something lots of internet marketers don’t realize. What a sales letter does for you is amazing because it acts like your 24/7 salesman who’s constantly working. Before jumping into creating a sales letter, be clear about one of the most important elements, which is the headline of your copy. You must create a headline that gets attention or else you won’t succeed at writing a good sales letter. You must dedicate lots of time to your headline if you ever hope to have people look at the rest of your copy.

Don’t forget the use RSS feeds to reach out to a wider audience. Really Simple Syndication RSS is reaching more people every day. It offers you an easy way to keep updated on whatever topic you like. This means that, for every site you have, your RSS feed needs to be easily accessible. In conclusion, Internet marketing is your savior when you’re trying to escape from your 9 to 5 rat race. So, jump in and give it a whirl.


Facebook is to online marketing what Google is to searching. For now, ‘what is Internet marketing’ is arguably a synonym for ‘what is Facebook marketing?’  Go here and get your first 1,000 fans to get more leads, recruit more reps and become a Top Earner in YOUR home business or business.

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Online Success

This article is a work in progress. I am putting it out there with exactly squat SEO. That will come later. Hopefully, I will not overdo it or screw it up.

Sometimes you just need to think out loud, you know?

Remember when Occupy Wall Street was out there screaming at the 1%?

The 1% are still there, coming to work at 4AM and working until 10PM, building their fortunes, establishing a legacy for their kids and families, increasing the assets of their family offices.

Occupy Wall Street is a memory, remembered not for their accomplishments but rather for the piles of trash they left in the streets, the damaged property and the shocked looks on the faces of bystanders who witnessed their rage and violence.
This is not a political post; it is a post about work and determination.
Doing what you have done in the past won’t do it.

If it would, you would not be banging your head trying to figure out what to do next. Doing what the average person does will not do it. It will only get you what the average person has. If you were satisfied with that, you would not be trying to have more.

You have to do what is necessary.

What is necessary is demonstrated by the actions of those who have what you want.

As near as I can tell it, they are somewhat alone in their success.

When I look at how hard they work to share with us how they did it I can only figure that whoever said, “It’s lonely at the top’ may have stumbled onto a grain of truth.

I say ‘grain of truth’ because if you do a Google search on the phrase ‘lonely at the top’ you will be presented with a large assortment of the most whiney, depressing and thoroughly unmotivating articles and musings you can imagine. Frankly, I don’t recommend it.

The idea that it is lonely at the top seems to be a source of glee to these canker blossom commentators. As if loneliness is deserved for doing the work they refuse to do; as if isolation is only their just deserts for working and making their dreams a reality rather than just mental masturbation to pass the time while life burns out like a cigarette left to burn.

My experience has been that men and women at the top have been without exception eager to share their experiences and knowledge with those who want to succeed.

I remember reading as a child in ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ that if you want to learn how to have money, don’t ask your co-worker or your friends. Folks tend to congregate with folks like themselves. It is comforting.

Ask someone who intimidates you.

They will almost always appreciate it.

Here’s hoping your Thursday is a productive one, bringing you a step closer to what you want.


Here is a link to the largest collection of super successful folks who want to share their knowledge I know of.

Make Money Online Exercise Grit 2018

How To Make Money Online Is the Point

Folks who arrive at asking themselves how to make money online get there through a variety of paths.

On the one hand you may be a struggling single parent trying to figure out how to knock down enough of a paycheck that you and your child don’t go hungry to the retiring executive on the other end who sees sitting by the lake or playing golf every day as its own kind of death sentence.

Either way, there is a need, a reason, that you are looking to make money online.

Can I, Me, Myself Make Money Online?

My sweet wife, who I consider to be proof that God still loves me, has a fear of mathematics. One of her math teachers made her feel as if she is not good at it. She began some years ago trying to help stretch the grocery budget by using coupons. She had gotten hooked on watching a show about extreme coupon redemption.

Coupon redemption when you buy large orders with savings above 50% is a word problem combined with algebra that in my estimation is something that would have reduced her butt hole of a math teacher to tears.

How did she do it when she was both phobic about word problems and algebra?

Those two concepts never came up. She was couponing, not in a math class.

She also worked at it until she got it right.

In Order To Make Money Online, Stick With It Until You Do

If you are questioning whether you have what it takes to make money online, ask yourself the question of whether you are able to keep trying every day even when every day you fail.

Sure Recipes for Failure

Here are some recipes for failure:

  1. “Well, I will give it a shot and see what happens.”
  2. “I will try it for six months. If I do not make it by then, I am out”
  3. “I will try” means you are not committing.
  4. Paying for a course or advice and then picking and choosing what parts you are going to implement.

These are refusals to commit because you are afraid of looking stupid if you fail.

Recipes for Success

If you want to learn how to become a millionaire, you do not consult your neighbor who cannot keep his 20 year old Volkswagon Beetle running. You get with folks who have done it and are doing it.

My Lead System Pro is the recipe for success. I do not know of anyone who has a better record of teaching folks how to make money online. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, are building a networking business or are so new that you are still looking for what business you want to build, My Lead System Pro is your place to start.

Another ingredient necessary for success is grit.  Grit is the determination to do it until you win. Grit is the determination to keep failing until you don’t.

I know a fellow whose attitude for success is he will either succeed at what he is doing or he will die. One of those two events are the only allowable outcomes. My money is on him succeeding.

Here is a good article on grit. You should read it and apply it.

This is not my video, but I highly recommend it. I wish I had seen it in high school.

What To Do Next

If you are not making money, but are working hard, you need to internalize five words.

It is not your fault.

Most of us know how to be good employees, not to be business owners. Therefore, most of us do not naturally know what to do or how to get started.

Due to a primary cause of folks failing or quitting being they simply do not know how to get started, your first focus is getting some business training in the online business space.

Go here and sign up for a 30 day trial of My Lead System Pro. It will cost you $9.97 for access to the system that has created many of the giants in the make money online space.


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