Making Money Online

Making money online is a widely held goal.

For the diligent, disciplined and dedicated making money online is a way to build a lifestyle that let’s them

  1. Hug their wives and husbands more often
  2. Attend more of their kids’ recitals and games
  3. Fulfill their bucket list while they can still dance while doing it
  4. Actually live their lives in pursuit of their dreams and not that of someone else’s.
  5. For the spiritually minded, making money online can lead to more free time to pursue and money to contribute to those things that matter to you.
  6. For the politically minded, making money online can lead to you having more free time to pursue and money to contribute to those things that matter to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks see it as a way to not work.

In their minds, making money online is easy, the lazy man’s way to a paycheck. They constantly get excited about this or that new opportunity, new tool or new way to supposedly shortcut the system.

For these folks, making money online is the same as winning the lottery.

They do not see the successful online entrepreneur as someone who has worked for their success. They believe he or she found ‘the secret,’ ‘the shortcut’ and the ‘special’ set of magical activities that only take 20 minutes a day to make 4 or 5 figures that day.

Sad to say, these are the folks who pay for the ones who are doing the work’s monthly expenses while they are actually building a business.

It takes hard work to change ‘making money online’ to ‘make money now.’

Online Jobs

Online jobs are out there for the skilled, too. If you have mad Microsoft Office skills you are in luck. You can earn good money using those skills in the service of those who do not want to hire in house, full time employees.

While it is true that you will be competing with folks from areas who are willing to work for very low wages, there are many jobs and employers who are willing to pay more to have a native American English speaking person to work on their documents and such. Whatever their reasoning for this requirement it is a benefit to the native English speaking person who wants to work from home.

Once you get started you can build yourself a portfolio of clients who regularly send you work. Sometimes this can also lead to you having a fulltime, exclusive work at home relationship with a client.

Online Business Channels

Do you remember when the Internet was just getting started? I do. Running a Worldgroup BBS remains one of the hightide marks in my life.

Up until all hours of the night in a tee shirt and boxers in my basement, listening to the modems negotiate a connection, watching the lights flicker on my US Robotics Sportsters and Couriers…honestly, I was in heaven.

I miss it everyday, too.

The world and technology, however, do not sit still and wait for anyone. The world moves on.

Today, you can make money by

  • Buying and selling on auction sites such as eBay and others.
  • You can become a marketing partner or affiliate with eCommerce site such as Amazon.
  • You can join affiliate marketplace sites such as Clickbank and never run out of things to promote and market.
  • The Internet has changed Network Marketing forever. You no longer have to call on friends and family if you do not wish to…and in my opinion you will probably make more money.

Making Money Online With a Plan

The online world has going for it that you never have to worry about running out of room the way a commercial district has to worry about running out of land. Like with creating fictional worlds in the imagination, you can build a web presence as large as you can think.

You will need some training, though. The Internet is sufficiently matured now that there are some best business practices that can shorten your path to profitability.

Go here to check out the training program to which I subscribe. It has a contact relationship manager that is specifically geared to the online marketing environment.

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Tim Singleton