Network Marketing Tips

Network marketing tips is one of those subjects that gets trotted out when you have a conversation with someone who asks you what, exactly, it is you are doing to build your business. It can be MLM, or networking if you prefer, affiliate marketing or actual physical products.

Today we will stick with network marketing tips.

Today I will cover 10 network marketing tips, in no particular order.

  1. Visualization
  2. Look for ways to serve.
  3. Respect and value your job.
  4. Be loyal to yourself and your product line.
  5. You need customers, too.
  6. Focus. Pick one method, a single channel, to master.
  7. Respect other people’s businesses.
  8. Work everyday.
  9. Always tell the truth.
  10. Providing pain relief is your purpose.

Tip #1 Visualization

Lots of folks resist this and I do not know why. You would think it the easiest thing in the world to do, but it is not. While I don’t know the reason for the resistance to this, I do know of a story that is perhaps applicable in understanding the human critter.

Moses had just led the Israelites out of Egypt and was moving them on towards the Promised Land. Now, during this journey the Israelites got up to no good from time to time and there were various trials sent amongst them to remind them to get back on the correct path.

One of those trials was a plague of fiery serpents.

Now, I am not exactly sure what a fiery serpent is, but I do know from the story they were venomous.

Moses prayed to Jehovah to deliver the people from the serpents and was told to fashion a bronze serpent and raise it up for a standard to the people. All the people had to do was look upon the brass serpent and they would be healed.

Do you know that a lot of people died simply because they were too hardheaded to look up at that brass serpent?

Learn to Visualize

If you cannot see where you are going, you will not arrive. This is true on the highway and is true on the highway of life. This goes under the heading of definite purpose in life. You have to have definite, specific goals and you need to see them as realized goals while writing them down.

Goal setting means you are visualizing as you decide. Visualization and goal setting go hand in hand.

Tip # 2 Look for Ways to Serve.

Network marketing tips are sometimes disappointed in their simplicity. Often when folks ask for tips what they really want is for someone to tell the ‘secret’ to sudden success because they want to be able to quit the job that they hate so much.

…on Monday morning.

You could be in one of several places in your career as a networker:

  •  A fresh, dewey eyed newbie.
  •  Successful professional networking professional with a growing team.
  • Once again about to burn out and take some number x sabbatical from networking

Get your mind off of yourself for a bit. Consider what important lessons you have learned on the way to where you are. Think about how those lessons can be of benefit to others. Find ways for them to take advantage of lessons you had to learn the hard way.

Come up with a Top 10 or even just a Top 5 ‘List of Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started.’

There is your next blog post or your next ice breaker if you do the prospecting thing in person.

Point is, look for ways to help others with their business whether they are in your team or not. Taking the time to help others is a sure fire way to expand your own knowledge, too. It will probably expand your subscriber base.

This is the essence of Attraction Marketing.

Tip #3 You Need to Respect and Value Your Job

In the preceding I am speaking about those in search of the key to their ‘freedom.’

Why in so much of a hurry? You were glad to find that job when you did. I suspect it not an over exaggeration to say you got home from your first day of work with quite a spring in your step.

What would you do if you woke up in the morning and did not have that job you so despise?

network marketing tipsInstead of dragging yourself to work Monday you are going to go in cheerful, full of energy and glad to be there.

That job pays your bills and funds your campaign to be free.

You will not be able to get free unless you get up and get to work.

In Napoleon Hill’s original work, ‘The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons,’ Lesson 8 is called ‘The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For.’ That habit gives you the ability to take advantage of the Law of Increasing Returns.

The quantity and quality of the extra service you render will come back to you greatly multiplied. Consider the farmer who plants a crop of wheat. If he harvested only one grain of wheat for each grain he planted, he’d be wasting his time. Instead, every successful grain produces a stalk or a sheaf containing many more grains. Of course, a few don’t sprout, but whatever problems a farmer may face, getting back many times more wheat grains that he or she planted isn’t one of them.

-Napoleon Hill


  1. Do your job
  2. Respect your job
  3. Be grateful for your job
  4. Do more than you are asked to do so The Law of Increasing Returns can start working for you.

Tip #4 Be Loyal To Yourself and Your Product Line

It should not have to be said, but, as with most important lessons in life humans are slow to get with the program.

Don’t you be one of them.

Whatever your product line is, you need to be loyal to it.

You don’t see a Ford dealership owner driving a Corvette, do you? No, sir. It will be a Mustang or nothing.

Your own products and services should be your first go to point when trying to solve a problem. It is easier to sell what you yourself use.

Tip # 5 You Need Customers, too

Too many distributors neglect to build a customer base.

They are so busy trying to get to the end of the line they forget that moving products and services is what generates profits. You can sign up a thousand distributors in Sally’s Just Super Soap Suds opportunity.

It won’t matter if no one is buying any soap.

Tip # 6 Focus

Of all the network marketing tips that I have collected over time on stands out.

Network marketing tip extraordinaire: Pick one channel to start.

My Lead System Pro is a training company for networking professionals of all levels. The very first thing they tell you is to pick one marketing method and master it.

Pick one.

What do folks do? They see all those marketing channels and resources and they immediately create IDs across 20 or 30 social media platforms and try to build a following on each.

Monday morning is only 4 days away, see?

Tip #7 Respect Other People’s Business

Don’t be a thief. Trying to build your business by scavenging distributors from others’ businesses is just not gentlemanly.

If you think living by the law of the jungle is the way to go, you don’t understand this business and will soon fall prey to your own tactics.

Tip # 8 Work Everyday

Earlier on one of the network marketing tips I gave you was to respect your job.

If you want to succeed in your business, and you do, you surely do, then everyday you give your business the same respect your give your job.


  • Work every day.
  • I try to make myself work 40 hours a week on my business. Not always possible as I still have a job. The more hours you put in, the faster you can reclaim the 40 you are now giving to someone else.
  • Do two marketing activities, everyday.
  • Interact with folks online, everyday.

Tip # 9 Always tell the truth.

It may cost you in the short term. So what? You gain nothing from being less than 100% truthful.

  1. Exaggeration helps no one.
  2. Our business has a track record that makes it unnecessary.
  3. If you always tell the truth you don’t have to remember who you told what.

Tip # 10 Provide Pain Relief To Your Readers

With all the uproar in society lately, you hear a lot of talk about speaking truth to power.

Speaking to people’s pain is how you begin to build a relationship.

Showing them the pain reliever is how you prove to them you are interested in their business, their success.

This makes people buy.

Because learning to speak to people’s pain gives you power in this business. As a result, your list will grow. Folks will come to you, seeking you out for answers and aid.

If people are not succeeding, it is because of lack of industry and work or a lack of education and experience. Both of these sets of problems are solvable.

Providing content that provides actionable information that can help your readers in their lives, their businesses or both to prosper and move ahead you are building a relationship with that person.

Finally, when they buy, from whom do you think they will seek advice and spend money with?

Hope these network marketing tips helped. I would be most interested to hear how they have helped you.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton