Network Marketing Training-When to Pitch?

Network marketing training #2

A couple of up fronts on the issue of when, where and to whom to pitch your business opportunity.

First, understand that the average person wants to be an employee. For me, employment…blessing that it is, can be defined as modern day indentured servitude with the exception that you can choose to switch masters (bosses) any time you like. My reasoning on that is too long for a blog post. Perhaps I will attempt it another day, though.


Step back from the issue of when to pitch your opportunity for a moment. If you are in a situation where you’re not getting the results you want you need to ask yourself whether you are working hard and often enough or if you are possibly pitching too hard and too often.

Too Eager, Too Often

Slowdown and take a beat and remember what you are trying to do, what your mission is.

Remember that the people to whom you are pitching don’t care.

Quit pitching to your family and friends and start creating educational content that is actually helpful. Creating that content will help you create leads, giving you the opportunity to develop a relationship with that lead so that you can determine what that person’s needs are and place yourself in a position to supply a solution to that need.

To summarize:

  1. Slow down. Quit doing busy work and remember to focus on solving problems, educating others, providing value.
  2. Generate a lead.
  3. Connect with that lead.
  4. Determine the need.

Sometimes the need is not your opportunity, whatever it might be. Sometimes something in your product line is exactly what they need. Sometimes they need to be your customer, not in your business.

Customers Rock

There have been some MLM companies who have gotten themselves into a bit of hot water; sadly it happens. Their solution and one that should have been emphasized in the network marketing training provided is the need for customers.

Then again, what passes for network marketing training in many companies is throw them all at the wall and see who sticks.

The products you sell should be able to stand on their own merit and not just as part of a business opportunity.

If you have scorched what is commonly called your warm market, try focusing on product sales rather than just recruitment into the opportunity. Customers rock, they pay retail and generate profits to keep you eating and are monster good sources of referrals for both new customers and distributors for you business.

In order to do this you are going to have to actually know your customer and find out what they need.

Focus on their need, not your quota.

  • Customers buy, putting profits in your pocket.
  • Customers, happy customers, are sources of repeat profits and referrals when you ask for them.
  • Customers tell others about you.  ← This is marketing at its best.
  • Customers rock.

I hope this second installment of what was taught in Wednesday’s free training seminar.

You can sign up to attend here. Remember, it is free and business neutral.

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