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Network Marketing Training Installment # 3

Network Marketing Training # 3 is the last installment of my notes from this Wednesday’s free training. If you learned anything or found anything useful, please, comment and share.

Network Marketing Training

Attraction Marketing: Perfect Person Attraction Formula

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do you want to attract?
  • What problems do they face?

Obviously, you are looking for network marketers. Your job is to help them learn to generate leads. When you take a course or participate in training such as we received Wednesday, share what you learned with others through blogs and interaction.

Which brings up another of my favorite things in this business.

Invest, Learn, Teach

In order for people to follow you, you need to be worth following. This means you have to do the work of actually becoming a person who can provide that for which the average network marketer is looking.

This means you decide right now to the kind of person who will:

  1. Invest time and money in network marketing training courses and education aimed at your business.
  2. Learn the skills and knowledge those course are trying to teach you. You know folks who will buy courses and then never even read the books included. Why do they do that?
  3. Teach. Teach your readers and your distributors what you have learned from the courses you are investing in.

This Invest, Learn, Teach approach allows you to become a content creator and makes you worth following because you will share your notes with your readers and distributors.

Your Network Marketing Company Is A Classified State Secret

Tell no one.

Posting your MLM company’s name on social media hurts you in two ways.

  • People go to social media not to be sold stuff, but for information. There are ways to do it but stuffing your timeline with why they should buy your products and services is not one of them.
  • What is the first thing they are going to do when they see the name of your opportunity provider?  They are going to Google it, read all the naysayers about your opportunity and 99.9% of the time simply pass.

Provide value by solving problems for them. Sooner or later they are going to be curious as to what your core business is. When they ask you are providing information; you are not selling them.

By not ringing the bell about your opportunity and letting them come to you, you control the situation and can give them good information.

Make It Rain!

Ray outlined 2 steps he took to reach $100,000 in MLSP in 12 months.

  1. Each lead that did not join his MLM was asked, “How are you doing with generating leads online?”
  2. He put this P.S. line on his blog posts, “This online system helps me generate leads. Click here unless you have too many leads.”

Thanks for that, Ray.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton


P.S. This online system helps me generate leads. Click here unless you have too many leads.


Network Marketing Training # 2

Network Marketing Training-When to Pitch?

Network marketing training #2

A couple of up fronts on the issue of when, where and to whom to pitch your business opportunity.

First, understand that the average person wants to be an employee. For me, employment…blessing that it is, can be defined as modern day indentured servitude with the exception that you can choose to switch masters (bosses) any time you like. My reasoning on that is too long for a blog post. Perhaps I will attempt it another day, though.


Step back from the issue of when to pitch your opportunity for a moment. If you are in a situation where you’re not getting the results you want you need to ask yourself whether you are working hard and often enough or if you are possibly pitching too hard and too often.

Too Eager, Too Often

Slowdown and take a beat and remember what you are trying to do, what your mission is.

Remember that the people to whom you are pitching don’t care.

Quit pitching to your family and friends and start creating educational content that is actually helpful. Creating that content will help you create leads, giving you the opportunity to develop a relationship with that lead so that you can determine what that person’s needs are and place yourself in a position to supply a solution to that need.

To summarize:

  1. Slow down. Quit doing busy work and remember to focus on solving problems, educating others, providing value.
  2. Generate a lead.
  3. Connect with that lead.
  4. Determine the need.

Sometimes the need is not your opportunity, whatever it might be. Sometimes something in your product line is exactly what they need. Sometimes they need to be your customer, not in your business.

Customers Rock

There have been some MLM companies who have gotten themselves into a bit of hot water; sadly it happens. Their solution and one that should have been emphasized in the network marketing training provided is the need for customers.

Then again, what passes for network marketing training in many companies is throw them all at the wall and see who sticks.

The products you sell should be able to stand on their own merit and not just as part of a business opportunity.

If you have scorched what is commonly called your warm market, try focusing on product sales rather than just recruitment into the opportunity. Customers rock, they pay retail and generate profits to keep you eating and are monster good sources of referrals for both new customers and distributors for you business.

In order to do this you are going to have to actually know your customer and find out what they need.

Focus on their need, not your quota.

  • Customers buy, putting profits in your pocket.
  • Customers, happy customers, are sources of repeat profits and referrals when you ask for them.
  • Customers tell others about you.  ← This is marketing at its best.
  • Customers rock.

I hope this second installment of what was taught in Wednesday’s free training seminar.

You can sign up to attend here. Remember, it is free and business neutral.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton




Network Marketing Training

Network marketing training webinars, affiliate marketing and other aspects of online marketing training are given every Wednesday. You can sign up for this free training class here.

Network Marketing Training Webinar Tonight

What was the goal of tonight’s network marketing training?

How to make MORE money, get over your prospecting fears and explode into top earner status.

Quick Question:

How would you feel if you made money from almost every call you made whether they joined your MLM or not?

What if we could help you make your annual income every month?

Things to think about as you build your business.

Why Are Most Afraid of the Phone?

The phone.

The most hated thing in the network marketing space.

The most profitable and underutilized thing in the network marketing space.

Why do people fear it?

  • Self-image above impact.
  • Self-image above probability

As Ray explained it, folks fear the phone because they are more worried about how they are going to look to other people and the person they are calling than they are about the impact they can have on the world or that person’s life.

Because they expect rejection, they decide it is just better not to call that person.

Stop Trying To Close vs. Seeing Who Is Open

Quit trying to close everyone.

First of all, it is impossible to close everyone and you are beating your brains out when you try.

Also, it makes you unpleasant to be around. Instead, be the person looking to see who is open. When you ask someone if they would like to know more or if they are interested remember to be the waiter, not the salesman.

Be The Waiter

A waiter waitress stops at your table.

He or she asks, “Would you like some pie for dessert?” You say, “No, thanks.”

Does the waiter collapse in despair? No. Does the waiter argue that the pie is really awesome? No. He says, “Okay” and moves on to his next table. You are already forgotten. When you ask someone and they are not interested, be glad. Move on.


When you begin taking massive action, you may not look good.

There may be the occasional unkind comment.

Do it anyway.

If you take the position of looking to see who is open rather than trying to sell someone on your opportunity your stress levels will be nearly none existent.

3 Steps to Make More Money

  1. Ask where your prospect needs help.
  2. Talk about your MLM’s team training.
  3. If they are already in a company, ask this question, “How are you doing with generating leads online?”

Having a conversation where you are interested in what they need and where they are will make the question in #3 easy to ask.

Most will respond with something like, “Not very well. Not very well at all.”

If they are positive about wishing they could generate more leads online, you can send them to yourID.getmlspmaster.com. Here they can get 30 days of exposure to lead generation strategies and resources for $10.  This assumes you are in MLSP, of course

If they are not at all positive about generating leads online, don’t want to fool with it, thinks it is a waste just hold your posture and hit them with the following script:

Do you know anyone that WOULD want to make some extra money if we showed them step by step how to do it?

…and hold your tongue if they don’t immediately answer.

But before that, I want to define ‘hold your posture’ means. Hold your posture means to believe in something without the need for external affirmation.  If someone wanted to argue that electricity is a scam, you would look at them as if checking to see where the best place to attach the shock therapy electrodes.

I guarantee shock therapy will make a person a believer in electricity.

Anyways, you will get one of three general types of answers when you ask, “Do you know anyone that WOULD want to make some extra money if we showed them step by step how to do it?”

  1. “Wait. You mean someone will show me how to do it step by step?”
  2. “No. NO, I don’t.”
  3. ‘Yes. Yes, I do. Their name is…”

Depending on the above 3 possibilities you will either have motivated them to take action, determined that they absolutely do not belong in your business or generated some new leads with which to follow up.

Going to leave it there for now. Tons of good notes on network marketing training tonight. I will continue this in tomorrow’s post.

Don’t forget to click here and sign up for the free weekly training classes!

Hope this helps.

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Tim Singleton


Webinar Training: Taking Notes Effectively

If you find this article on how to get the most out of a webinar helpful, please comment and share.

Building a business is important. If you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby pays.

It does a person little good to attend a webinar, latte in hand, yacking to their bestest most favoritest BFF EVER, sit through a webinar, work hard to say something that will get the moderator to notice them…

…and not take a single note.

Then, complain about how they got nothing from the webinar.

Taking notes from an MLSP webinar is important because an MLSP webinar generally provides you orders of magnitude more value and knowledge for free than the $39.95 course you bought last week from a basement dweller on warrior.

Attending an MLSP webinar is a different animal.

Understand Why Taking Notes Is Important

It is difficult to master or remember important concepts unless you take notes. Taking notes gives you the ability to retain and implement knowledge more effectively. I realize that some folks don’t take notes because it is being recorded and can be viewed again later.

More efficient?

Not when you can interact live with the instructor, it isn’t.

Showing up prepared to take notes also increases the energy your mind devotes to the subject. Speaking for myself, I have attended too many webinars while playing a game of solitaire or piddling with my email.

You should show up prepared to pay attention and takes notes in the same manner you would hope folks would show up for your webinars.

How To Take Effective Notes

There is no one best way to take notes. Frankly, if you bother to take any notes at all separates you from probably 90%+ of webinar attendees.

There are some things you can do to improve your note taking, however.

Note Taking Tips

#1 Be Prepared For The Webinar.

Things you will need:

  1. A notebook in which to write your notes.
  2. Pens and pencils. Extra pens in case your pen dies and either extra pencils or sharpener. Highlighters. If your instructor rants on a certain point or otherwise emphasizes it, make it a point to highlight it so you will pay special attention when you review your notes.
  3. Set your phone to record and turn up the volume or set a camera to record it. This is especially important if it is a webinar that will not be recorded for later viewing as Mike Dillar is wont to do.
  4. Learn to use the snip tool efficiently and quickly, especially for none recorded training.

#2 Learn How To Be A Good listener.

You are not only going to have to learn to be a good listener, you are also going to have to develop some judgement as to what is important enough to take notes on.

  • If it is written as a bullet in a PowerPoint slide then it is important.
  • Turn off your cell phone ringer.
  • Consider what can distract you during the webinar. Make arrangements for someone else to deal with it while you are online.
  • Let your family know you will be in an online class. Sometimes they will listen to you and leave you be while you learn. Shutting the door to your office is a fairly clear signal, too.

#3 Learn How To Take Notes Accessible To You

  1. Your note taking style should match your learning style. Putting points that were emphasized by the instructor in a box outlined with a highlighter helps me focus on that single concept.
  2. Take what the instructor said and put it in your own words. This will make the information yours and also make it easier for you to teach it to those on your team, if applicable.

#4 Compare Notes

If you have a running buddy who is also building a business, either with you as one of your distributors or cross line or perhaps even a different business altogether, comparing notes and filling in each other’s knowledge gaps is something done all to seldom. Working together and discussing these things you will get another perspective on what was taught and emphasized.

#5 Rewrite your notes

Edit, organize and add to your notes as you remember things while you go over them.  This will strengthen your grasp of the material and make it easier to implement when you choose to do so.

Hope this helps!  Let me know your thoughts. Also, on the issue of webinars, you should go here tomorrow night.





Tim Singleton

FREE Webinar: Ray Higdon’s Proven 1-2 Punch to Make Money on 93% of the Prospecting Calls You Make, and Monetize Every Single Thing You Do.

Home Based Business: No Work!

Home Based Business

We Do The Work For You!

This claim slash promise I see come up from time to time. Especially on late night television when you are psychologically at your most vulnerable.

For only $39.95 you can be free of your job! Listen to what Nancy Neverexisted had to say! Nancy went from dead broke to making $10,000 a month…


Lord have mercy, do you really think that someone else is going to do all the work for you and just send you a check every so often?

Look, I know some of this marketing stuff is complicated. I also know you have a job, a family and beaucoup other responsibilities.

Well, I cannot promise you an income, but I can

  1. Show you the tools I am using.
  2. Explain why I am using them.
  3. Show you where to get them.

But we are about to get ahead of ourselves here.

Promising To Do The Work For You

Let’s address a few issues up front.

  1. We will do the work for you.
  2. This is easy to do. All you have to do is follow a few instructions.
  3. You can be free in no time at all.

First of all, I am not going to do your work for you.

Second, some of it requires time and energy and sticking to it when you really want to go to sleep. There will be instructions but you may have to have a few dry runs before you get the ‘follow’ part right. I know I did.

Some folks who have concentrated, to the exclusion of all other things, have gotten free in 120 days. These are generally folks for whom the entire universe was aligned. Were I you, I would bank on 2 to 5 years and consider it a short period of time to be free.

Don’t mistake me. I am doing my best to find a shortening of the way that does not involve you or me taking shortcuts. Have not found it yet but hope springs eternal.

Yes, I Want To Learn

Then stay tuned right here my friend. I expect I will be giving you more value than you are buying from lots of other folks.

Best Regards,

Tim anad MaryJane







Tim Singleton


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