This article is a work in progress. I am putting it out there with exactly squat SEO. That will come later. Hopefully, I will not overdo it or screw it up.

Sometimes you just need to think out loud, you know?

Remember when Occupy Wall Street was out there screaming at the 1%?

The 1% are still there, coming to work at 4AM and working until 10PM, building their fortunes, establishing a legacy for their kids and families, increasing the assets of their family offices.

Occupy Wall Street is a memory, remembered not for their accomplishments but rather for the piles of trash they left in the streets, the damaged property and the shocked looks on the faces of bystanders who witnessed their rage and violence.
This is not a political post; it is a post about work and determination.
Doing what you have done in the past won’t do it.

If it would, you would not be banging your head trying to figure out what to do next. Doing what the average person does will not do it. It will only get you what the average person has. If you were satisfied with that, you would not be trying to have more.

You have to do what is necessary.

What is necessary is demonstrated by the actions of those who have what you want.

As near as I can tell it, they are somewhat alone in their success.

When I look at how hard they work to share with us how they did it I can only figure that whoever said, “It’s lonely at the top’ may have stumbled onto a grain of truth.

I say ‘grain of truth’ because if you do a Google search on the phrase ‘lonely at the top’ you will be presented with a large assortment of the most whiney, depressing and thoroughly unmotivating articles and musings you can imagine. Frankly, I don’t recommend it.

The idea that it is lonely at the top seems to be a source of glee to these canker blossom commentators. As if loneliness is deserved for doing the work they refuse to do; as if isolation is only their just deserts for working and making their dreams a reality rather than just mental masturbation to pass the time while life burns out like a cigarette left to burn.

My experience has been that men and women at the top have been without exception eager to share their experiences and knowledge with those who want to succeed.

I remember reading as a child in ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ that if you want to learn how to have money, don’t ask your co-worker or your friends. Folks tend to congregate with folks like themselves. It is comforting.

Ask someone who intimidates you.

They will almost always appreciate it.

Here’s hoping your Thursday is a productive one, bringing you a step closer to what you want.


Here is a link to the largest collection of super successful folks who want to share their knowledge I know of.