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Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies fall into two main categories at the outset. Those categories are:

  • Paid
  • Unpaid.

Internet marketing strategies in 2015 and those in 2016 differ. The main reason is social media becoming incrasingly influential and pervasive.

A business does not have a business plan or marketing plan unless it addresses the Internet. You might think that is an obvious thing at this date far removed from the Internet’s beginnings but to some it is still something they plan to get to, some time.

Whether you include your Internet marketing plan as part of your overall marketing plan or consider it a separate issue you need to understand that each channel has its own peculiarities.

What works in one may not work in another or, even worse, can actively cost you money and hurt your company’s brand.

Some of the channels are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linked In
  4. YouTube
  5. Skype
  6. Pinterest
  7. Blogging
  8. Forums


Facebook identifies the basic steps of marketing on its site as:

  • Set up your page.
  • Identify your audience.
  • Create compelling content.
  • Advertise.
  • Measure and adjust.

Internet marketing strategies for Facebook are best met with the Attraction Marketing methods. Also, Facebook’s basic primer for using their platform can be seen here.


Twitter gives these basic instructions as how to maximize your marketing efforts on its platform:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Use visuals in your tweets.
  3. Incorporate relevant hashtags.
  4. Ask questions and run polls.
  5. Curate and connect with retweets and replies.

Twitter’s instruction page on Internet marketing strategies that work on its platform can be see here.


Linkedin is a bit different. It is not aimed at everyone. It is aimed at serving and connecting its 400 million users as an aid to networking with and marketing to each other.

Linkedin provides sponsored ads driven to its subscribers that fit your chosen demographics.

As you can see, Linkedin is focused on B2B and emphasizes it ability to provide a unified message across all devices. Making sure your message is readable and usable across all devices is now a requirement.


YouTube is the easiest thing in the world to optimize for SEO.

Your video should stand on its own, of course. A simple starting point on YouTube videos is to:

  • Create a post on your blog.
  • Create a video relating to and commenting on the subject of the blog post.
  • Embed your YouTube video into your blog post.
  • Put a link in your YouTube commentary about the video to your blog post.
  • Link to what you are promoting with a call to action. Go here.

By using keywords and links between your blog post and YouTube you give both your post and your video valuable backlinks. A backlink from YouTube is especially valuable to your blog’s visibility on Google.


Skype, like the above is a combination of content marketing with tools heavy on enabling close interaction with folks on their mobile devices both one on one and is group broadcasts. While other social media channels are making themselves mobile friendly, mobility is built into Skype’s genes.

It is an outgrowth of the former Lync in Microsoft Office. While I don’t currently use Skype as a channel, a lot of folks do and it is certainly something of which you should be aware.


There are lots of ways to promote on Pinterest. Translation, there is so much and so many ways to promote on Pinterest that it would be a disservice to even try to break it down into a single paragraph or two, even as a poor summary.

However, here are a couple of tips that seem to be agreed upon:

  1. Include a price tag. Pinterest folks seem to be buyers, especially when compared to all the Constitutional scholars on Facebook arguing over sometimes I cannot tell what.
  2. Be social and comment on other folk’s pins, share the ones that helped you.
  3. Look at this: A Simple Cheat Sheet for Using Pinterest for Marketing [Infographic].


This is my favorite channel because I like the act of writing. Consequently, once I get past all the distractions in life that seem so important and finally sit down to write it comes as easily as breathing.

Some don’t, however, and, just as I have had to get over my resistance to YouTube marketing, you’ll need to work through resistance to writing. Besides, blogging is also one of the lowest cost channels for you to start. As a result, it has what I think is the highest potential Return On Investment of any channel.

Some things to remember:

  • Because Google loves WordPress you would do well to give it serious consideration.
  • The minimum length a blog post should be is 300 characters. Optimum is 1500 so, the more you tell, the more you sell.
  • Furthermore, since Google loves original content you should speak from YOUR heart. This will help you create new content.
  • Embed your YouTube videos into your blog posts.
  • Include images in your post with the ALT tag set to the keyword your focusing on in that post.

24 X 7

Due to things like blog posts, Facebook Fan pages and tweets on twitter being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for interested parties you run the not unpleasant risk of getting paid something for every hour of the day. As a consequence, you may have to limit the times of day when you check your email.

I know I spend one day a week unsubscribing from considerate folks’ emails who are kind enough to think I might be interested in what they have to offer. Therefore, you need to be careful to what you subscribe. Due to many places selling their lists you will have days when you your email is an anchor on your time.

In conclusion the following are daily activities you will engage in on your way to success:

  1. You create new marketing material daily. Therfore, the day is coming when your money is growing daily.
  2. Because studying is a daily habit, you are growing daily as a marketer.
  3. Again, since reading is a daily habit, you are more able to provide value to your customers.

I hope these ideas and tips are as helpful to you as they have been to me.


Internet Marketing Strategies





Tim Singleton

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies is a book available from Amazon. Buy and download it by going here. At $2.99, it is a steal.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Folks sign on with an affiliate marketing sites such as ClickBank to get their feet wet.  ClickBank targets the new marketer and provides a number of tools and instructions to get them started.

Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage what you are spending on products and services you use yourself.

Affiliate marketers recommend products and services they already use. This makes the business process one of education and informing your audience rather than your selling them on the idea.

They are already on your page.  They are looking for what you are marketing or are at least curious about it.

You share your experience with the product.

You issue a call to action such as, “Click here to see one of the best online marketing training programs.” By marketing daily or at least several days a week, you give Google reason to start sending searchers to your site.

Because you have been posting regularly, you will be cashing your affiliate commission checks.

Search Engine Preferences

Google likes:

  • Fresh content. Daily is best, several times a week at a minimum.
  • Original content.
  • WordPress.

Because Google likes fresh content you need to start educating yourself about the products and services you represent. So, you are going to read more books. You are going to watch more videos relating to your wares.

Original content is king.  While no one expects you to write a Stephen King novel, regularly studying your products gives you the ability to see them with fresh eyes, to see new things about them and write original material promoting them.

Google loves WordPress. Therefore it is in your best interest to strongly consider using it to promote your affiliate links.  There is a $47 course that will help you create a laser focus in your blog posts. Go here and check it out now.

Best Regards,

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies





Tim Singleton

MLM Companies: YOUR Success Odds

Your Odds of Success With One of the MLM Companies

MLM Companies will all tell you their pitch about why their opportunity is the opportunity. Theirs is the opportunity for the ages.


  • You’d better join now.
  • You’d better join today.
  • If you don’t join now your friends and family may join and you will miss the opportunity for them to go under you.
  • They are running a special on your expanded product kit and you don’t want to miss those HUGE savings!
  • …and blah, blah, blah

Take a breather; take a beat.

Worry about absorbing the information I am about to give you; forget about making any buying decisions for a little while.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Your odds. Odds are small that you will succeed. Odds are less than 1%, in point of fact. So you can quite comfortably blow off all that high pressure stuff you hear.

Why Do So Many Folks Try To Work With One of the MLM Companies?

Simply put the reason so many try is because the potential reward is high and the up front investment is low, especially when compared to something like a McDonald’s franchise.

$300,000 of non-borrowed personal resources to consider you for a franchise.

Now, I have read in some of the hype considering a McDonald’s restaurant that “it is almost a license to print money.” That is a direct quote and I wish I could give you the source but that has been a long time ago. It stuck, mainly because I doubted its veracity. I also recognized it for being an effective marketing quote, too.

Here is something for which I can give you my source. It is also something I believe to be true:

What it takes

“McDonald’s doesn’t confer success on anyone. It takes guts and staying power to make it with one of our restaurants.

A total committment of personal time and energy is the most important thing. You must be willing to work hard and concentrate exclusively on the challenge of operating that restaurant.

– Ray Kroc, Founder

My question to you is, “Is there any business for which this would not be true?”

No, I don’t think so.

Also, it brings up the question of motivation to succeed.

Why Are The Odds So Bad?

If you drop the price of a house on a business opportunity you are going to be there are 4:00 AM everyday making damn sure whatever needs doing gets done and done right.

If you drop the price of a nice meal or two on a business you might skip the phone calls you need to make because you want to watch the game instead.

Do you think that this low entrance bar might, possibly, just maybe, have something to do with the high failure rate amongst those who sign on with MLM Companies?

Think about it.

So, to sum up, what you are looking at is $500 more or less for a business opportunity that has a clear, proven track record compared to $300,000 for a top tier, proven but not guaranteed business opportunity.

It is my belief that the low entry bar is the reason for both the high number of attempts and the high failure rate. The low fees lead to the tire kicker, the looky-loos, the let’s-see-what-happens and the less than 100% committed crowd signing on and screwing up the real stats as to how many of those who truly try succeed.

mlm companies




Tim Singleton

The Karatbars affiliate program is the business I am building.  It is free to become an affiliate. Sign up for free and start promoting your link today.

My Lead System Pro is the training program which I use and to which I refer my distributors as well as my good friends who are involved with other companies.

Making Money Online

Making Money Online

Making money online is a widely held goal.

For the diligent, disciplined and dedicated making money online is a way to build a lifestyle that let’s them

  1. Hug their wives and husbands more often
  2. Attend more of their kids’ recitals and games
  3. Fulfill their bucket list while they can still dance while doing it
  4. Actually live their lives in pursuit of their dreams and not that of someone else’s.
  5. For the spiritually minded, making money online can lead to more free time to pursue and money to contribute to those things that matter to you.
  6. For the politically minded, making money online can lead to you having more free time to pursue and money to contribute to those things that matter to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks see it as a way to not work.

In their minds, making money online is easy, the lazy man’s way to a paycheck. They constantly get excited about this or that new opportunity, new tool or new way to supposedly shortcut the system.

For these folks, making money online is the same as winning the lottery.

They do not see the successful online entrepreneur as someone who has worked for their success. They believe he or she found ‘the secret,’ ‘the shortcut’ and the ‘special’ set of magical activities that only take 20 minutes a day to make 4 or 5 figures that day.

Sad to say, these are the folks who pay for the ones who are doing the work’s monthly expenses while they are actually building a business.

It takes hard work to change ‘making money online’ to ‘make money now.’

Online Jobs

Online jobs are out there for the skilled, too. If you have mad Microsoft Office skills you are in luck. You can earn good money using those skills in the service of those who do not want to hire in house, full time employees.

While it is true that you will be competing with folks from areas who are willing to work for very low wages, there are many jobs and employers who are willing to pay more to have a native American English speaking person to work on their documents and such. Whatever their reasoning for this requirement it is a benefit to the native English speaking person who wants to work from home.

Once you get started you can build yourself a portfolio of clients who regularly send you work. Sometimes this can also lead to you having a fulltime, exclusive work at home relationship with a client.

Online Business Channels

Do you remember when the Internet was just getting started? I do. Running a Worldgroup BBS remains one of the hightide marks in my life.

Up until all hours of the night in a tee shirt and boxers in my basement, listening to the modems negotiate a connection, watching the lights flicker on my US Robotics Sportsters and Couriers…honestly, I was in heaven.

I miss it everyday, too.

The world and technology, however, do not sit still and wait for anyone. The world moves on.

Today, you can make money by

  • Buying and selling on auction sites such as eBay and others.
  • You can become a marketing partner or affiliate with eCommerce site such as Amazon.
  • You can join affiliate marketplace sites such as Clickbank and never run out of things to promote and market.
  • The Internet has changed Network Marketing forever. You no longer have to call on friends and family if you do not wish to…and in my opinion you will probably make more money.

Making Money Online With a Plan

The online world has going for it that you never have to worry about running out of room the way a commercial district has to worry about running out of land. Like with creating fictional worlds in the imagination, you can build a web presence as large as you can think.

You will need some training, though. The Internet is sufficiently matured now that there are some best business practices that can shorten your path to profitability.

Go here to check out the training program to which I subscribe. It has a contact relationship manager that is specifically geared to the online marketing environment.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton


Top Network Marketing Companies

Top Network Marketing Companies

How Do You Find them?

Top network marketing companies like to tout the fact that they are considered one of the top companies in their field. It is what they call a ‘selling point.’

While I agree that it is surely something to consider, it is a fact that cannot sit alone dictating your choices. For instance, if you are a big, burly athletic man’s man I doubt you would be overly enthused about representing Mary Kay cosmetics or throwing a makeover party for 10 or 12 of your game day buddies.

Well, odds are anyways…

Also, if you are admittedly a girly girl, dainty in every way I doubt you would be overly fired up about representing Amsoil’s fine line of long lived motor oils to your garden club.

Obviously, I am making generalizations that may not apply to a specific person. My point is you will want to seek out a company that represents a product line about which you can get, and stay, excited. That excitement will carry over into your ability to both create customers and find folks who are interested in being in business with you.

How To Choose Amongst the Top Network Marketing Companies

‘How to choose’ is probably overly ambitious as a description for what I am going to do for you. The reason I say that is I want for you to always be able to say to yourself that Tim gave it to me straight.

Frankly, that is more important to me than whether you ever buy anything from me or not.

Network marketing as a business is very well able to stand on its own two feet. It is a proven business that has created a lot of millionaires and educated a lot of kids all the way through college. Having said that, there are a few folks who tend to exaggerate, even when they represent one of the top network marketing companies.

For instance, I am sure you may have heard that network marketing was developed as a research paper at Hah-vahd University. Truth is, I can find nothing but urban legend and repeated stories indicating that it was. If so, Harvard apparently has no knowledge of it.

I heard the story when I was starting out and accepted it at face value. Why? Why not? Why would anyone lie about such a thing? Point is, he wasn’t lying. He was repeating an urban legend and I accepted it as truth just as he did.

Don’t fall into the trap of using urban legends and such to make your points. It will only hurt you later. If you don’t know a thing to be true, don’t repeat it as though it were.

Your name and your character are ultimately the final determining factor of whether people will become your repeat, lifelong customer or business associate.

Guard it well.

While I will not tell you ‘how’ to choose a company I will give you a list of things to consider.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Network Marketing Company

Here are a few. Hopefully, this list will also create things in your mind unique to your situation, too:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Does the product line appeal to you, specifically?
  3. Does the starter kit fit within your budget?
  4. Does the monthly autoship fit within your budget?
  5. How much time do you have to devote to your business?

How long has the company been in business?

This is something to look at, but is not a deal breaker by any means.

New companies, companies with fantastic products, come into existence and will come into being on a regular basis. Sadly, many of them will fall by the wayside, too.

The roster for the top network marketing companies is an evolving list.

Great products fall victim to bad or unscrupulous management all the time. This, more than anything else is why you simply must remember that your number one marketing job is marketing You, Inc.

Looking at some old line established companies that have been around a while is always a good idea. Go here to see a list of companies and some in-depth evaluations of them.

You may find some of the companies are no longer around. As I say, that is part of the business.

Does the product line appeal to you, specifically?

If you are a mechanic and love tinkering with cars on the weekend or go to meet ups, you should check out Amsoil. If you like getting or giving make overs, then Mary Kay Cosmetics may be the way for you to go. Health products companies like Melaleuca may appeal to you as well.

Point is, would you use their products or services? Would you tell your mother to use them? If not, do yourself a favor and keep looking.

Does the starter kit fit within your budget?

Generally, a start up kit runs in the neighborhood of $500, more or less.

I know of one that costs $12,000 to get involved with and, knowing the fellows behind it as I do, I am certain it is worth it to the right person. The business I am currently building, while it is actually an affiliate program and not a network marketing opportunity, is free to get your affiliate link and get started.

It matters not how great the opportunity is if you don’t have the capital to get involved.

Also, don’t risk your grocery money to do it.

I know a lot of marketers disagree with me for saying so but if you don’t have $500 in the bank to get started with, you need to learn to save up a little money before you start a business.

I tell you this because I want you to succeed long term, okay?

Does the monthly auto-ship fit within your budget?

Back to budget issues. Let’s say you saved up enough money to get started. Is there room in your monthly budget for the auto-ship? For business cards? For marketing?

Determining who the ‘Top Network Marketing Companies’ are is a pointless exercise if you cannot afford to pay your grocery bill and put shoes on the kids’ feet.

…and yes, I understand this is why you want to start a business but this ‘business’ is going to take time and money to make steady profits and signing up with one of the ‘Top Network Marketing Companies’ is not going to create an overnight miracle that will solve all your problems.

So, if there is no room in your budget you need to work your budget first and then let’s talk.

Work your budget out.

If you never have done a budget, start reading. When you get a couple of hundred dollars free every month in your budget, stick it back for a while and spend some time reading.

How much time do you have to devote to your business?

Ideally, you need to be able to spend a couple of hours a day. Either before you go to work in the morning or after you get home from work at night you need to be able to devote a couple of hours to your business.


No exceptions.

If you are married or have a significant other you will need to have a sit down Constitutional convention so you are on the same page.

If they get bored or need help with the laundry or the kids, they are going to need to handle it until you get done with the business.

Obviously, exceptions occur but this can and does railroad many a business in the early stages.

Your business is your business; your business is not a hobby.

I hope this has been helpful.


Top Network Marketing Companies





Tim Singleton



An Internet Marketing Company?

So, You Want To Build An Internet Marketing Company?

Why You Cannot, Must Not, Dare Not Do it.

So, you want to build an Internet marketing company? How does that make you feel?

Oft times when someone is faced with doing what they really want to do in their heart of hearts they will suddenly find themselves looking for reasons not to do it.

Those reasons are many. Here are a few:

  1. I am too poor or broke.
  2. I am too rich, established in my job, have too much to lose.
  3. I am too old.
  4. I am too young.
  5. My wife won’t support me in it.
  6. My husband won’t support me in it.
  7. I have too many parental responsibilities.
  8. I am taking care of my aged parents.
  9. I have an ingrown toenail; it is quite tragic, really.

Relax. You Don’t Have To Do It Today

Many in the online sphere will scream and holler at you about if you don’t move on it now your opportunity to live the good life may be gone forever, never to come again, alas all is lost if you don’t.

Do.  It.  Right.  Now.

I am not that guy.

Retailing, etailing, eCommerce and all the possible vast fortunes they will grow are only going to get larger. Google nannies aside, there is little preventing the next set of billionaires from growing in the online space, seems to me. The question is, will you be one of the ones who makes it?

Take a breath, look at this thing objectively, decide if you want it badly enough to work hard for it. Also, another reason some folks might be hesitant to start to build an Internet marketing company is lack of knowledge on the subject.

Relax, what to do is out there for those willing to do the work.

If hard work is a problem, this is not for you.

The Job of An Internet Marketing Company

Well, job number one is for the principles of said company to educate themselves on what the market wants, to ask themselves who is their perfect customer and what does that person want?

Every single successful guru that I have read or talked with has been clear that the mistake the beginner makes is trying to figure out a way to SELL the latest miracle butt cream more effectively to the customer.

The effective guru says to figure out what the market, or ‘the perfect customer’ wants and then get in position to offer it when they come looking.

They ALWAYS come looking, too. -the Author.

This implies the need for you to figure out what niche you want to be in. “I want as broad a product line as possible so I have as many customers are possible” is a reasonable position to take.

It also puts you in the position of competing with WalMart. There are a lot of corporate corpses on that floor, my friend. Pick a niche in which you are interested and learn what the perfect customer in that niche wants.

Then make it easy for them to get it from you.

Channels On the Internet

The way marketing is carried out on the Internet ranges widely:

  • Brick and mortar companies such as WalMart sticking their entire product line on to the net as a front end for their database of goods.
  • The affiliate marketer who has found they have an ability to persuade folks to try stuff they like.
  • The Network Marketer who, while he or she just absolutely loves their product line, has figured out that their up line knows exactly squat about marketing and sales from the standpoint of building an effective team, fast.

99.99% of the folks reading this are going to immediately know they are going to fall into either the camp of affiliate marketers or network marketers. As they go along, they are also going to find themselves wandering back and forth between the two camps, too.

Training, You Need Training

Whether you are simply promoting your own small business, marketing through affiliate links or are building a network marketing team it is imperative that you understand you are marketing YOU, yourself, as a trusted source of good products and services.

That means you need to be marketing yourself as a trusted brand.

Go here to see the company that has trained more 6 and 7 yearly income earners that any other.

Best Regards,

Internet marketing company





Tim Singleton

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is the solution

  1. If you are wanting to start a business.
  2. If you want to work from home.
  3. If you watched as the dot com boom passed you by.
  4. If you still want to build an online business.
  5. If you are working on not a just a limited budget, but a shoestring’s thread budget.
  6. If you are on disability or Social Security or if your retirement is just not enough affiliate marketing could possibly be a big help, too.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is the business of earning a commission by promoting products and services to your friends or to people with whom you have some kind of relationship such as your blog’s readers.

The concept as a business model is the simplest of all:

  • You find something you like and use or would use yourself.
  • You ask the supplier if they have an affiliate program.
  • Assuming they do, you promote it to your friends and family by sending them to the link or perhaps even walking them through their first visit (you want them to go to YOUR link, remember?)

Another way is to write a little post in your blog and link relevant text to your affiliate link so you can get paid when they buy.

In The Beginning

Affiliate marketing is simply the best place for a person new to the online marketing arena to start.


  1. Low cost of entry
  2. Low risk of capital loss
  3. Losses are for the most part confined to time (still better than pouring your life down the drain in front of the television)
  4. High potential profits when you master marketing.

With Whom Should You Start?

Simply because they have been at it longer than the others and are in my opinion easier to work with than other affiliate companies I recommend you start with Clickbank. It is free to sign up and start.

Best Regards,

What Is Affiliate Marketing





Tim Singleton

“Discover How a Non-Techie Mother of 2 went from Dead Broke to Multi 6-Fig Business Owner FAST, and How You Can Too!”



Definitions of MLM

MLM is defined by Entrepreneur as a synonym for network marketing which it then defines as follows:

A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.

So, MLM is a type of direct selling that rewards a person not only for their personal sales but also in some fashion for the sales of others who are interested in marketing the products. This can be as simple as a 50% commission on the first level and 25% on the next to some compensation plans so Byzantine as to be incomprehensible to the average person.

MLM is referred to variously as:

  1. MLM or Multi-level Marketing
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Referral Marketing
  4. …as well as a less than kind moniker of pyramid selling, which is undeserved.

MLM: Some Harsh Realities

Most companies marketing their products through an MLM sales force build their business on a couple of simple statistics.

Now, I want to qualify this as my opinion on the subject but the statistics made sense to me and answered a lot of my questions.

I sat in confusion wondering at the abysmal failure rate of things that appeared to offer superior products at competitive prices. In many cases, offering products that were either not offered elsewhere or offered in very few places.

In any case, here are some facts about MLM:

  • Even when assuming you are marketing good products and services at competitive prices, and generally you are, more than 98% of new MLM entrepreneurs will fail. 
  • Something like 28% of those folks will continue to buy the products even after they stop promoting the business opportunity.
  • That 28% turning into long term repeat customers is at the heart of the MLM company’s business plan.

You, as an entrepreneur, cannot afford to run your business with a business plan that results in a 98+% failure rate.

Warm Market? Do It. Don’t Depend On It.

Everybody does it.

Few profit from it.

You still need to do it because you simply never know.

What am I talking about? Making a list.

You need to make a list of possibly interested parties, both those of being customers and those who might want to be in business with you. That list could include:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Co-workers in a careful not to do it on company time manner
  4. People with whom you do or have done business. You spend money with them? They should spend money with you. If not, look for a new service person in that area.

This is especially true if you are brand new to the MLM world and have not taken a swing at your warm market with other businesses in which you did not prosper.

If you, like me, went through a number of business opportunities before finding what you see as a true fit then go back to your warm market later.

You have to learn to market, not sell.

No, they are not the same things.

YOU, Inc.

It bears repeating.

It also bears italicizing, bolding and underlining.

MLM companies come and go.

Your business has to be founded on you as a go to person for good products and services, not as just another rep for the latest Miracle Product MLM.

Keep that in mind as we talk about marketing versus selling.  For the MLM aspirant, Attraction Marketing has been a heaven sent miracle.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing for the person in multi-level or network marketing addresses up front a couple of realities:

  • A stranger has no particular reason to choose to do business with you over someone else.
  • If you are in a blue collar job you have to ask yourself why would your friends and relatives all of a sudden turn to you for advice and follow you into your business?

Attraction Marketing is the tool that allows you to build relationships with people so they will have a reason to trust you and go to you for business solutions.

The Statistic You Have Been Looking For

The typical 40 year plan involves you working for someone else’s dream with you needing or choosing to go through 7 career path changes.

While it is true that 98% of the people who start out in network marketing fail, if you stay with a network marketing company for over 10 years, you have a 90% chance of being in the top 1/10th of 1% of money earners.

Read that again:

If you stay with a network marketing company for over 10 years, you have a 90% chance of being in the top 1/10th of 1% of money earners.

98% of those starting out fail because of lack of knowledge with pockets too shallow to ride out the mistakes that are inevitable for the inexperienced and uneducated person.

Two Choices

You have two choices as I see it.

First, you can set aside a lot of money and time to bulldoze your way through the learning curve that is painful. It will be worth it. I do not regret my days of wandering in the wilderness. I am sincere when I say it polished my character.

Second, you can take advantage of the training programs offered by those who have gone before.  Go here to learn about the most successful Attraction Marketing system that I know of.

They won’t do the work for you, but they will surely show you the work that needs to be done and help you avoid the busywork that needs to be abandoned.

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Tim Singleton

Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Multi level marketing has always been to me the best possible combination of independence and potential reward. Its draw to me has always and will remain the fact that your income potential is unlimited and provides me with the possibility to earn my current annual income in a month.

…or a week.

Now, the realists amongst you will quite possibly have an involuntary eye roll.

That is quite alright. I know enough folks personally who make six figures a month that the eye rolls roll right off my back and the backs of those who know.

Controversy and Claims of Scam

Is it a scam? Depends. If you are referring to the multi level marketing field as a whole then no, no it is not. Multi level marketing, or networking as it is also called is a perfectly legitimate business model that, as I understand it, urban legend says was developed at Harvard.

To give Harvard their proper due, there is no evidence that I have found that it was ever developed, taught or recommended at or by Harvard University. None of which has jack to do with those checks clearing from your business.

-the author

Because I wanted to give it proper emphasis, I set the above apart in a block quote. The business model is sound and does not need any of that supposed magic dust of credibility Harvard tries to associate with its name.

Multi Level Marketing as a business model is quite able to stand on its own.

Whatever the case as to where it originated may be, multi level marketing has fed a lot of families, gotten a lot of children through school without loans and is one of the top 4 sources of millionaires in the United States.

Here is a definition given by wikipedia:

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a controversial marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.

The term controversial makes me itch in my short hairs, but, truth is it indeed is controversial. I suppose the main reason is that it is so very difficult to succeed.

See, multi level marketing is not like other fields like real estate, neurosurgery and sales of things like insurance and cars. In those fields all you do is sit at your desk while folks bring you coffee and ooh and aah over all those big checks they bring you throughout the day.

Dear me, I do believe my S-Tourette’s Syndrome just flared up. Sarcastic Tourette’s Syndrome is a serious health issue, you know.

A Better Definition

A better definition to me is this:

Multi Level Marketing allows you to set up your own business for very little money. The point of this business is to sell products and services, either your own or another companies for a profit.

Those profits are likely referred to as commissions, overrides or referral fees as well as a number of other terms. Whatever it is called it is always cold hard cash that can take the edge off of a tight budget.

You develop a relationship with a company so that you have products and services for your business to sell at a profit. While you are building your customer base you may also run into others who are interested in doing as you are. They, too, want to own their own business and can sign up with the company you are representing.

When they decide to pay their fee to the company in order to sell their products you may or may not receive a part of that fee. You generally will receive an override on all the customers they create for the company as well as an override on any individuals who they help start their own business. Percentages and to what levels they are paid are all over the board.

Multi Level Marketing Is A Business

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

If that is what you are looking for, keep looking. Professionals in this field don’t have time to fool with folks looking for a short term solution to their long term problems or patterns of bad choices.  You will sign up, realize that your dragon, whatever your dragon may be, is still breathing hard down your neck and you will panic, looking elsewhere for that quick fix.

Please, save them the wasted time and yourself the wasted time and money.

I hate to say it, but other than God putting opportunities for you to work in your road and you paying attention so that you recognize them when they come, no one is coming to rescue you.

It is not an easy business in which to succeed.

The numbers are, generally, that less than 1% will make it into the big money ring and be able to work from home.

Now, it is my opinion, from what I have seen and observed, that the reason for that is because folks will not bear down and treat their business as a business. This is not a hobby. You need to plan your work and work your plan.

Plan your work and work your plan is not just a clichè.  It should be one of the first three pillars of your business, that you will come up with a plan based on best possible knowledge and principles and once that plan is formulated you will carry it out. Daily.    -the author

You need to be focused. This is not a hobby, not a past time, not a thing you do when you have time. Your wife, your husband, your kids, your friends… they all need to understand this is your business. They will respect it to the degree you respect it.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

Making it to the money ring in multi level marketing does not happen by accident. Check this out to see the system that has created success story after success story in our chosen profession.   -Tim

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has shown itself to be highly effective in getting customers to websites.

Facebook drives traffic, period.

Your marketing plan is incomplete until you get your Facebook marketing plan finished and implemented.

So, let’s get started.

Don’t Do THIS

Don’t use your personal Facebook page as a tool for your business. It is a violation of their policies. Yes, you may get away with it for a while, but eventually you will get put into Facebook jail and possible even permanently banned from Facebook.

Yes, many folks do it for years. So what?

Here are a couple of more ‘don’t’s that you might be tempted to try:

  1. Don’t use a personal page for your business.
  2. Don’t broadcast to your friends list. It is spamming and will also get your booted off Facebook.
  3. Don’t initiate talking about your business with individuals from your friend’s list.
  4. Don’t start a “Hey, how are you doing? How’s the weather there?” conversation and then hitting up your conversant with “Look at this; it can make you rich!”

Personal Pages Are For Personal Postings

You should not use your personal page to promote your business because, as I say, it is against the rules.

Also, business pages, unlike your personal page, can be optimized for the search engines like Google.

The sharing of personal information, already recognized as Byzantine on one hand and deliberately misleading on the other, will cause a lot of folks to simply not like your page since they cannot separate you from your business.

Speaking of likes, you personal page is generally limited to 5,000 friends. I know you hope you have more than 5,000 friends for your business. Using an inappropriate page puts all the limitations on your business of a personal page while denying it all the advantages given it by a business pages.

If you have already been using your personal pages for your business, Facebook has a migration tool to move your business over to its own page.

On the last bullet item, just don’t do it. It looks bad and can cost your friends. I know from experience because regretfully, I did it myself. Despite using what I thought was a light touch, it invariably did not work.

I told myself that my business is so good, so wonderful, so profitable that surely they won’t mind if I talk to them about it. While I still stand by those statements I also stand by this:

Trying to be too clever online is about as effective as hosting a barbeque and inviting your friends over without telling them you are going to do a one hour business presentation before they get to eat. Most likely result is a bunch of no shows on the next one.

To Do List For Facebook Marketing

Here are some things to start out with:

  • Think about your perfect customer.
  • Start by establishing goals for your ad.
  • Establish a budget that will not hurt you and stick with it.
  • Do your homework.

Your perfect customer is looking for you, right now. Do you know him or her? Who is he or she? How does your line of products and services solve their specific problems? Why should they come to you rather than your competition?

If you are like most folks, Facebook marketing is an entirely new animal. When you start, you need to be very clear in what it is you want your ad to do and your call to action should be very clearly designed to ask your viewer to take that action.

Focusing on getting ‘likes’ for instance will increase the social proof of your page in the eyes of the search engines. This cycle can often become self-strengthening until your page winds up on page one of the search results, always a good thing.

Determine what your budget is. Can you spend so much per day? Doing a per day budget allows you to split test more efficiently. If you do a monthly budget Facebook might blow through it in a day and there you are, dead in the water for the rest of the time.

Try Facebook Offers, too, if you have or can create something to give away in exchange for filling out a survey or signing up for your newsletter or blog notifications. This is a critical thing for folks in certain niches where building their list is the key to building the future of their business.

Ask yourself:

  1. How does your competition use Facebook?
  2. Do they appear to keep using those campaigns?
  3. Does it appear their pages are maintained and updated? If not, move on.

Ask yourself what ads appear to be winning on Facebook in your niche?

Free Training On Facebook Marketing

Trial and error is certainly one way to go, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it is free. There is the old question of what is your time worth. There is also the question of opportunities lost forever because it took you too long to get to the table.


Email me if you would like a step-by-step picture book to get your first Facebook ad live, target your best prospect and drive traffic to your website instantly. I can be reached at timsingleton@earthtiger.net .


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Tim Singleton

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