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What Is Network Marketing?

Definitions: Network Marketing

“What is network marketing?” is a question that is seldom asked these days because everyone thinks they know the answer.

It is very popular with folks who need to generate income on the side. It is helpful that it can be carried out part time according to the schedule an individual wants to set.

Its very popularity sometimes makes it hard to answer the question of “What is network marketing?”

Accurate definitions are not what make it into literary and big screen references. Its negative or caricature representations are often what folks are exposed to.

This is unfortunate because it makes it difficult sometimes for the new entrepreneur to define it for his prospects.

Often, they are too busy thinking about what it is they think they know, rather than hearing the new entrepreneur explain the significant benefits of both his or her products and the opportunity that makes them available.

To sum it up, you enter into an independent contractor relationship with a company to represent their goods and services. For this, you will receive a commission on what you sell personally. You are creating customers for the company. You can also create other representatives for the company for which you will receive an override of their sales as well.

What Is Network Marketing?

Pot-a-to  or Po-tah-to

Some folks are skittish about the act of selling. The idea of being a salesman makes them sweat blood, metaphorically speaking.

Ironically, these same people can go on and on, waxing rapturous in their recommendations that you should eat at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (worth the price, by the way) or just about talking at the top of their lungs about how you simply must see the latest Star Wars.

…not realizing they are engaging in full blown, Interstate highway speeds selling when they do it.

They are also doing it for free.

You are using this very same process, only you are getting paid to do it.

For this very reason, network marketing is also referred to as ‘referral marketing.’

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing has a nice, warm, pleasant, fuzzy feeling to it that calms the panicky folks who are emotionally allergic to the idea of selling. Basically, you are saying something like this to folks you know, “I use this. I benefited from it. I believe in it. I think you would like it, too. Would you like to try it?”

You can also use the idea that your product or service solves a problem they have.

Obviously, those are not the exact words, but the ideas are correct. You are not selling a used car you are trying to move before it won’t run. You are telling a friend they might like to try something that you benefited from. That in any case, is for direct contact amongst folks you know.

Solving problems for folks usually leads to a life long customer, too.

Online Referral Marketing

Online is a different world. Folks don’t know you and have no reason to trust you or engage in your business. To them, “What is network marketing?” is a question that has been answered.

They need a reason to trust you; they need a reason to think you can help them solve their problems.

This is where attraction marketing comes into play.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a very simple concept although its implementation is sometimes not so simple. Mainly, it requires consistent effort to win the Search Engine Optimization and social media proof cycles.

You provide content that has real value to your readers, listeners or viewers.

By real value, I mean you are teaching them things that will help them in their current business.

Solving problems for folks is what you do. Solving problems for folks gives them a reason to trust you. When they trust you, they will buy from you.

That trust is why networking or referral marketing is so successful. Folks buy from folks they know and trust.

Capitalizing1 on personal relationships to build a business is what you do when you do it in person.

Online, you are using attraction marketing to create those relationships. You do this by providing value in the form of solving problems for them. As you do this and as you communicate with them over time either through chat, emails, newsletters or blogs they begin to actively seek you out.


This leads to sales. Sales lead to freedom.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

You’ve run out of folks to talk to about your business. What do you do now?

1 This is not to suggest you are being mercenary in your efforts. I am assuming you are choosing to represent quality goods and services that give benefits, value and solve problems for your customers.

If you are representing things in which you do not believe, but are only selling them because of their profit potential, you are going to find yourself in a hard row to hoe.

You cannot do better than taking the sincere position that you want to improve your customers situations and then finding products to represent in which you have absolute confidence and use yourself.

Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

Its Essential Nature

To me, network marketing is a strategy in which:

  1. You get paid for sales you make.
  2. You also get paid for the sales of salespeople you recruit.

It really is that simple. Making it more complicated does not change its nature.

The Bad News

  • Most of you won’t make any money.
  • Statistics say less than 3% will get into the money ring.
  • Your family and friends will most likely not be supportive.

The Good News

  • In my opinion, you can be successful by choosing to work harder.
  • Don’t worry about the 97% who fail. Focus on the 100% of you that is going to win.
  • You don’t need your family and friends to succeed. If fact, I am telling you not to call on them.
  • If you have been working hard and have little to show for it, don’t worry. It is almost certainly not your fault.

Many Advantages to Networking

For some, a vacation involves deciding where to go, what to do, when to do it, who to do it with, how to pay for it all and when do you have to leave it all to come back to the job you are so keen to get away from for a week, maybe two.

I don’t know about you, but the previous paragraph looks more like a business plan with a to do list than a vacation. For me, a vacation involves sleeping until 10AM or later and maximum pajama time.

Which brings us to the advantages of networking and affiliate marketing in particular and online marketing in general.

  1. Who you work with is up to you.
  2. When you work is up to you.
  3. What product or service line you represent is up to you.
  4. Why you are building a business is up to you.
  5. How do you get to where you want to go? Keep reading.

Who You Work With

Unlike family and those you work with on the job, you get to pick who you work with in your business. This means you get to work with like minded folks who want the same things out of life you want.

When you attend functions and training you are not at work with your ‘associates.’

You are hanging out with friends.

You are strengthening that friendship and adding more bricks to the foundation of your wealth.

As far as family and co-workers go, leave them for last if at all. Why? You are going to have enough negative energy pointed in your direction without any coming from someone who knows your hot buttons.

Let’s get you to a place where when you to talk to Cousin Financial Genius or Uncle Economic Ph.D. on a GED you are doing so with with a five figure monthly commission check in hand.

When You Work

Your schedule is almost entirely up to you, particularly if you are like me and building your business 100% online.

Preferably, I get up early early and get my work for the day done.  Some days I just don’t feel like early early and so I might do a late night with Tim.

You are in the drive seat and you decide.

What Do I Sell?

Whatever you like.

Whatever you are interested in.

I chose the product line I am selling because I can think of no more honest a product line to represent.

I like it. I like having a drawer full of it

My point is, I am a 270lbs. country boy who wears a flat top. I am going to take a controversial stand and say Mary Kay cosmetics would not be a good fit for me.

Sell things you like, use and believe in.

The ‘Why’ of Your Business

What moves you?

What are the reasons for building your business? Only you can answer that but while you are answering that question of yourself, frame it like this:

What are my reasons that will move me to work when I am sick and when my faith seems to have fled?

Answering this now will help you minimize wasted days.

My why? I have a long litany of things on my bucket list. There are many, many things on my list of things I love to do.

No where, not once, is ‘get up before the sun rises to go somewhere to be told what to do all day by someone else’ listed as one of my favorite things in life.

My personal breakthrough moment occurred when I realized I was terrified of going to the mailbox, terrified of what was going to go wrong next.

I knew the stress of that was going to kill me as a young man and I had too much to live for.
-Tim Singleton

How Do You Get To Where You Want To Go? Network Marketing

Years ago I was given to understand there were 4 main ways for an American to become a millionaire. It broke down something like this.

  1. Microsoft. Being one of the original employees of Microsoft was a golden ticket. Employees buying shares in their company has created something like 3,300 millionaires.
  2. Network Marketing.The number of millionaires created by network was somewhere north of 1,700 when I saw the list. It would not surprise me to find that our field has surpassed Microsoft by now.
  3. Pharmaceutical sales. Jokes aside, being a big pharma rep has created a lot of wealthy people.
  4. Own a dry cleaning business. Yep, not sexy at all but the dry cleaning  business, if it suits your temperament, is a solid path to wealth.

Networking is the only business on this list that anyone can choose to pursue. The others have barriers to them such as the ship having passed for Microsoft to the high start up costs of starting a dry cleaning business.

Reasons your choice to pursue network marketing is a good choice:

  • Low start up costs.
  • You can work part time or in your spare time.
  • Network marketing training develops your leadership abilities as few things do.
  • Our business model, as networking professionals, is a proven system with a track record of producing millionaires as well as million dollar+ annual incomes.

Franchising and Network Marketing

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.
-John D. Rockefeller

Franchising is a known, effective business model that has created a lot of wealthy men and women.

You create a successful business model with proven profits.

Then, for a percentage you show others how to do the same thing. This is essentially what you are doing. You have bought a franchise and are in the business of creating multiple outlets.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

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