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Network Marketing Leads From Free Sources

Network Marketing Leads

Buying Lists Is Fine, IF You Like That Kind of Thing.

Network marketing leads as a search term quickly makes you understand the competitiveness taken to rank for the term. I say that because it generally presents an entire page of paid rankings with leads for sale. It is either lists for sale or software for sale that uses one method or another to strip emails from related web pages.

Network Marketing Leads Generation

Network marketing leads lists that you can purchase is not what you want. Put your money in your gas tank and ride through a nice neighborhood and do some dream building.

Now, I am in favor of paid marketing. Done correctly, it is professional and reaches the people you want to reach with your goods and services.

The sales copy on most of the leads for sale sites previously mentioned claims to be providing ‘targeted’ leads.

Your job here is to realize that the skill you need is to be able to write such copy. Writing such copy motivates your readers to action. Providing them with this kind of value up front gives them reason to trust you. Because you actively invest in learning new skills relevant to your readers needs you are able to provide that value.

Because you write good copy that solves your readers’ problems, you build trust among your readers. Therefore, folks read your copy and choose your solutions to their problems. This is how you grow your business, grow your relationships with your customers and build your long term, residual income.

Generating Leads

I like generating free MLM leads. Generating network marketing leads online gives me a big ol’ happy.

The return on investment for free is unlimited.

Free MLM lead generation is also a very direct, very effective measure of the degree to which your message is on target.

This is something you need to keep in mind even if you are using paid advertising. I recommend you do. Why? Because free network marketing leads, or free MLM leads, you generate through your own use of the various Attraction Marketing leads we know to work is by definition a source of targeted MLM leads.

Generating these leads daily is first on your daily task list.

Regards and I hope you are all doing very well,

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Tim Singleton

If you are wanting to use Facebook, then you should go here and check out this lady’s Facebook marketing course. She has set the bar.



MLM Leads: Online Generation Is Necessary

MLM Leads

MLM leads generation is job one for the budding or beginning MLM’er or network marketing person.

First of all, I am surprised some companies will forbid their distributors to use the Internet to market their product line or to build a team. Furthermore, I question their commitment to their distributors success. Why do I say such a hard thing? I am a nice guy, after all.

Having A Company Means Having An Internet Presence

Because this is the 21st century, having a company means having an Internet presence.

Oh, sure, they may give them a sign up page or an online catalog.

Guess how much traffic Google refers to them.

  • Zero.
  • Zilch.
  • Bupkis.
  • Nada.

Unsolicited opinion here: No matter how good your product line may be, no matter how good your line of services offered you have to have leads, period.

Since the share with your ‘friends and family’ plan results in such a high failure rate, it seems to me that taking advantage of the Internet would be as natural as breathing. Therefore, anyone standing in your way of using that resource needs to be re-evaluated as to what they bring to the table in terms of you building your business.

Your company wanting to prevent you from using the Internet means you should sit down and consider just how devoted you are to it.  Most of all, your should think about the company’s level of devotion to your success.

The company’s business plan is built on less than 1% of their distributors succeeding while 16% or 17% of those failed distributors hanging on as customers since the product itself is generally.

There are tons of businesses out there who encourage the use of the World Wide Web.


Channels For Generating MLM Leads Online

Marketing Channels

This is hardly an exhaustive list.

Being Online Solves Problems

It solves the problems folks hate most about multi-level or network marketing. When you market online rather than trying to arm bar a family member into a sale it is lot less stressful.

Due to your using the Internet to generate MLM leads, folks who you look for, your target market, will start finding you. As a result, you will no longer have to:

  1. Have home parties.
  2. Engage in cold calling.
  3. Keep inventory.

MLM lead generation is just more fun when done online.

MLM Lead Generation

Paid for leads or using the awesome amount of free MLM leads sources, that is the question. The simplest answer is I suppose, “It depends on your budget.’

You can do both, of course. If your budget allows it, I very much recommend you do some paid advertising.

Don’t despair if your current budget cannot carry advertising costs. Here’s why.

In network marketing leads lists are one of the very first things new folks get excited about.

“Wow, a million names for $49.95! If I only get 1% response I am retired!”

-Newbie who 2 years later has yet to receive an override check in the double digits…from someone else’s purchases who is not related to him.

Cheap MLM Leads Are Worthless

So, what to do?

  1. Save your money.
  2. Fill up your gas tank.
  3. While there, grab your favorite beverage in case you get thirsty.
  4. Go cruise through the neighborhoods in which you dream about living.
  5. Visit a car dealership. Have you seen the latest Corvette? Chevrolet is really back on track with that one.

Because you did the above, or something like it, you will be inspired. As a result, you will find yourself spurred on to doing something truly productive, like doing a little keyword research and writing a post on your blog that actually solves someone’s problem.

Okay. Done with the ride? All refreshed? Great.

Solving folks’ problems or helping to inspire them to keep going in what may seem to them to be hopeless circumstances is how you generate MLM leads. Daily.

Yes, that is an oversimplification.

In conclusion, I am saying, “Don’t throw money down a hole.”

While there is that old saying, “It takes money to make money,” it is a bit misleading. It takes SMART money to make money and your using your time and money to generate your own MLM leads is you being smart.

Consequently, the leads you generate from creating useful valuable content that solves problems for you readers, you will be generating free,targeted leads of folks who have developed a level of trust in you that will lead them to buying from you goods and services that solve their problems or fills their needs.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

Because training from successful folks is necessary for you to succeed, you want to start with the best. Therefore, you should go here to learn from the best.


Working At Home

Working at home is my absolute most favorite subject. It just seems to me that a person working for themselves gets to see a little more of the shiny moments in life.

As most of my readers are, I am engaged in creating the circumstances so that my sweet wife and I can make our living working at home. Again, just like most of my readers, I hold down a full time job while I try to get to where I am working at home profitably enough to carry the load.

I am generally off on weekends and so Sundays are my days for speaking my piece in a relaxed manner. That means I may or may not, engage in the whole SEO thing. It gets exhausting and sometimes I think part of the message is lost when you have to work harder to get the SEO thing right than you do in getting your message across.

Anyways, I have a few thoughts on working at home and those who succeed at it and those who do not.

Working At Home Winners

You know who they are.

Then again, you may not.

See, the winners in the home based business arena do not send spam emails to those who have no interest in their products.

Frankly, there are too many folks out there looking for them and what they can teach them for them to waste their time on dead email lists or sending emails that go directly to the spam folder and then the trash.

They offer products and services they either designed themselves or those which they have personally used and still use. They have this thing called integrity which means they don’t sell that which they don’t know or believe in.

They get up and take care of business until business is taken care of.

Then they take care of the rest of things in life.

A good example of this is those who have purchased My Lead System Pro’s 5k In 30 Days and made it stick. Believe me, it is not for the faint of heart as it does require…

<pregnant pause here, while the world waits with its breath held>

hard work.

There. I said it out loud. Yes, folks, it requires hard work but if your butt really is in serious clench mode about the need for money you need to get this course.

It is a must for those who work at home, engaged in a home based business.  You can get the free video on this $27 course by clicking here.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

Tim Singleton

Hi, my name is Timothy Lynn Singleton. I go by Tim for the most part, unless I am in trouble with my momma and then I am Timothy Lynn Singleton, naturally.   This is my first posting to this particular blog; it is my way of introducing myself to you.

This blog is focused on online, network and affiliate marketing.

If you are here, thanks for stopping by and reading. If you enjoy it and get any value from it, please comment and share.

This blog is going to be set up and run by a set of practices shown to work.   If you want to see those practices, go here.

My Background

Early On

Like most folks, my background is a patchwork of good and bad luck, dead ends, tragedies great and small and just enough triumph to keep me in the game. I was involved in both athletics and academics in high school, but academics won out. I loved mathematics; I still do.

The talent and potential were there for athletics, I think, at least enough to have some fun and maybe a few high school ‘glory days’ moments, anyway.

Mathematics won my heart. I think mathematics’ notations are beautiful. That they often contain esoteric information about the relationship of things in the physical world makes me feel physically as if I have just had a pepper high. Yes, indeed, my nerd/geek qualifications are more than secure.

Then there was what I call my ‘Wandering and Wondering In the Wilderness’ period. I turned down a mathematics scholarship to MIT out of high school. Yes, it as a bad decision, one that I regularly consider, especially in the wee hours of the morning.   There was a short, unprofitable time in California right out of high school.

Coming back to Sweet Home Alabama, I distinguished myself at the Alabama Department of Corrections Academy in 1985 but quickly found out that being a Corrections Officer or a prison guard, as you like, was a sentence as much for me as it was the inmates.  Leaving there, I went into the life insurance business where I totally failed to distinguish myself. Life insurance sales is a hard business. Period.  Every young man needs to try it once if they really want to see what they are made of.

Several jobs and failed business attempts later, I started my own ISP. THAT was a fun business, let me tell you. I built it up to having a good solid 5 figure a month income from my basement. The toys were awesome, the technology interesting and the future, it seemed, was as secure as it was unlimited. My modem banks as they tweeted and buzzed while negotiating electronic handshakes were lullabies that meant I was making money.  Sometimes I would turn out the lights and crash on a couch I had moved close to my basement servers and modem banks and just watch the lights dance.  I remember having the thought that I was going to take on Southern Bell and America Online and I was going to win.

Good times.

Bank Account Balance: $-29,600.00

Then the dot com crash and a robbery. My partners walked off with all the company’s cash and even left me with a sizable negative balance in the business bank account of nearly $30,000.00. In such times everything that is wrong with you comes to the top.

Fortunately, everything that is right about you comes to the top, too, like a fine hardwood floor you never knew was there until a nasty flood ruins the carpet that was carefully laid years ago and you have to rid yourself of it. While some would look at such as time as nothing but dark clouds, I am more than grateful for it. It stripped away everything that was holding me back from knowing myself and being about the business of becoming who I am supposed to be.

I had read my Kipling, you see. Re-reading ‘If’ was an emotional experience, one where you stand amazed that you do not simply die from the enormity of what one sees with clear vision unclouded by pride or self-delusion.

I found out that I was a decent human being who could stand in the face of loss and examination that would make most men collapse.


Leaving that period I went to the offshore oil industry for a while. The pay was good, the travel was fun and the ships involved were fascinating.

The time at sea healed my soul, day by day. Even on the stormy days, the sea sings to you.

Do the work, pay the bills, make the bed.

I got to see the green flash; I cannot remember if it was dawn or dusk but I saw a green sun. I also saw the Gulf of Mexico so dead calm it was easy to lose the line between sea and sky. We literally appeared to be sitting on a glass plate. Hypnotized by the sight, I was also delighted to see the largest Mahi Mahi I have ever seen break the surface as if checking us out.

stormy_sea_by_alexlinde-d3y6mgdThere was also a two week period where it seemed we would be swallowed whole by a hurricane.  One hurricane chased us. No matter which way we tacked, the storm would change course and be back on our tail again until we took shelter up river in Lake Charles. I think that was Iris but that was a long time ago.

In 2002 I signed on with Jefferson County Commission as a Senior PC Technician and that is how I have funded my dreams of world domination, entrepreneurial aspirations and that irritating and silly need to eat everyday up until now.

Tim anad MaryJaneIn April of 2012, I married the love of my life very late in life. As I tell her, after all the rough patches she made my heart beat again, she reignited the flames and passions of aspiration and ambition.  Of all the things in life that make a man smile, being debt free and being married to a calm, loving woman who loves you as much for your faults as your features have to be tied for the number one position.

She is a good woman and exists as if for all the world a creature seemingly pulled from my own imagination. Smart, pretty, petite and soft spoken, she is the very avatar of a beautiful woman with a good heart, a gentle nature and a calmness that I can only aspire to.

Why This Should Matter To You

This bio was included because I want you to know that when you tell me you are going through rough times and I say that I understand your pain, it is not just words. I want you to know me and know that I and my past experiences and current associations are there to help you solve your problems, too.

Whether it was too long or too short depends on whether I bored you with too much information or interested you because you yourself are going through or have gone through the trials of starting or running a business while in the midst of adversity.

Bless and be blessed,





Tim Singleton

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