Step # 1 Increase Website Traffic: Forum Posting

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Internet Forums

Marketing via forums for a business isn’t a new idea. Most Internet Marketers have used forums at some point in their careers to increase website traffic. Which is to say, the ultimate of goal of forum posts is to increase website traffic from the sites on which they post while building authority with Google and other search engines. This helps them build their list.

A successful plan for your site will increase website traffic exposing your products and services to more people.

The kind of market that you are targeting and the way that you want to grow your business is important. It matters. However, if you aren’t participating in forums, then you’re leaving money on the table.

By that, I mean you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Evergreen Ways to Increase Website Traffic

There are a lot of ways to increase website traffic, traffic that is specific and targeted to you. Not many of those methods are actually evergreen. Getting visitors from targeted forums is something that will never get old; forum marketing through posting and providing value up front is evergreen. So the real question, then, is this: What exactly should you be doing so that you can work your way up the forum marketing ladder? In this article we will explore a few things that you can do to increase website traffic to your site from the forums you visit.

Keep the following things in mind, though:

  1. Don’t go wild with your links.
  2. Don’t spam other members of the forum.
  3. Do spend some quality time with the forums FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Think About Your Business; Think About Your Ideal Customer

Some forums will work better for you than others. Forums that deal with your niche are good possibilities, the rest you can ignore. Search everywhere you can think of to find forums that are good prospects for your needs. Think about your ideal customer. Do a how, what, when, where and why of your ideal customer. The better you know your ideal customer, the more able you will be to:

  • Find those forums where they hang out.
  • Be able to be genuinely helpful to them on those other forums while also remembering to be diplomatic about the kind of help you give.
  • Discover ways and ideas to make changes to your own website so that should they follow your most carefully and craftily circumspect links back to your site, they will have a reason to stay.

If you end up with a long list of forums, you will obviously need to do some weeding. After all, you only have so many hours in a day and you have to make them count.

Time Management

For those of you with full time jobs around which you are trying to build a business will have to be even more disciplined with your time management skills. Depending on your health, your energy levels, your home and family situation, you may find yourself having days where it is just to overwhelming and you feel like quitting.

It’s alright. Don’t worry.

Take a break, go for a walk, get some fresh air. Deal with any distractions that cannot wait and those that can, let them wait.

Picking Forums

Getting back to the issue of picking forums and then weeding out the wannabes.

Stick with quality.

Once you determine which ones are most directly relevant to you and your business, and you have gone the the FAQ pages, you then should begin connecting with people on them. As you begin connecting with them, keep in mind that many of them are just like you. They are there trying to give others a reason to link back to their offering.

Take Disadvantages and Make Them Profitable

As I say, many of the other in that forum, including the forum operators, are there hoping to build traffic for their site or to maintain and build traffic for the forum itself. By being well versed in the nature of the forum, what is in the FAQ section and knowing what your target audience on the forum is you will have a leg up on crafting a set of free values that you can provide as a forum participant.

Folks will then follow your links back to your site where you can continue to solve their problems with both free and paid solutions.

If you want to really benefit from the forums you join, you’ll have to spend some time building your trust and credibility.

Providing solutions and value to others on the forum and being smooth rather than ham fisted as many folks are with their links, you will build confidence in you. Being the kind of person they are looking for, one that solves problems, and they will become the kind of visitors to your site you are looking for, the kind who spend money.


If you increase your credibility then you increase website traffic.

To build your reputation as an expert, don’t ask the same old newbie questions. I am not saying not to ask for help, I am saying think about where and from who you are asking help.

For instance, if you are have a blog you are using to promote your affiliate links or network marketing business posting questions such as, “How do I build a successful affiliate marketing business?” or “I don’t understand my company’s compensation plan. Please help!” might not be the best questions to ask on a forum you are hoping to use to generate traffic from. These are the types of questions you should be asking your mentor, not someone you are hoping to generate sales from.

As I say, going through the FAQ section is a good start.

Go through the FAQ section with the intent to make a good impression on forum moderators is a good idea. Not only will you gain acceptance by the forum’s folks but you might even find some most excellent material to add to your own site.


No, I did not just go squirrel on you and spot a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich,although to be clear, I am pretty sure bacon grows as a fruit in Heaven. …and there, I did go squirrel. Anyways, BLT is another way to say ‘ILT.’

Folks accepting you as credible means you are going to have to be credible. Appearing credible is great. Being credible and demonstrating it through competence is how you …bring home the bacon!

Yes, indeed, Comedy Central, here I come.

Anyways, ILT, or BLT stands for the following:

  • Invest (or buy.)
  • Learn.
  • Teach.

Business Education

You are going to have to, at some point actually invest in being educated on the finer points of running a business. That means things like learning to create copy1 that motivates the reader to take action. That action can be coming to your website, clicking on a link to a funnel you have created or clicking on a buy page so they can buy your top notch products or services. Forum marketing is one of those free resources you can use, but the world won’t run on free.

You are going to have to Invest in your education and building your skill set. Invest is just another word for buy. We all love to buy things; buy things that make you money. Then, once you have invested time and money, you are going to have to Learn the information and skills for which you just paid. In addition to learning those things you are now qualified to Teach others what you have learned. By getting that skill acquisition pump going, Buy/Invest – Learn -Teach, you will become able to become that provider to whom everyone turns.

Trust builds the ability to market any number of goods and service.  In order to build that trust you are going to have to acquire the skills necessary. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a training platform. Wealthy Affiliate has both free and paid options. If you are serious about making money, you should go sign up for free right now and check Wealthy Affiliate out now.

You Only Get One First Impression

Same thing on your blog, in person or on a forum. You only get to make one first impression No do overs. Think it through. Contrary to what whosit says about you have to act now, you don’t. Good decisions take time and education. You have one, you may want to look at getting the other. Here is an online marketing education site that I use and in which I believe.

Anyways, getting back to the issue at hand, you want to build a solid history for yourself on the forum. It is important to showcase yourself as a person who actually knows what he, or she, is talking about. People need to see you as an expert. Even when all you’re doing is posing questions to the forum they need to be questions that actually ask what other people think and feel about something. When you ask a question make sure it isn’t all that basic. The goal is to get as much value from your own posts as others get from them, even when all you are doing is getting the conversation started.

Sometimes It IS All About You

Your profile on your website and on the forums to which you are posting, that is. Neglecting your profile should never be an option. If people show an interest in you and what you are posting, they will visit your profile. People will respond to interesting information posted in your profile. Making your profile easily readable is extremely important.

Remember that your profile:

  1. Is an important tool in making you relatable to your readers.
  2. Will allow you to create and have a connection with other members of the forum.
  3. Requires an approach that says a lot about who you are, which is why you should be willing to be transparent.
  4. Will help you will become more interesting to others once they start reading and liking your posts.
  5. Details will help so many of your potential target audience in these forums to recognize the kind of person you are.

Those details will also help your target audience on other forums realize why you are someone with whom they can go to for answers and with whom they can do business with confidence.

In Conclusion

So, to reiterate, every Internet marketer has at some point in time used forums to increase website traffic. Again, while many marketers use forums, the ones who find success in using them don’t abuse it with spam. A product, service or brand can be made or broken by how they are discussed in forums.

Getting relevant traffic coming in to your website requires you to take targeted action.
Traffic does not generally happen by accident.

You will only take visitors to the status of your audience when you read what they want. Delivering the content your audience wants can only happen when you are listening to what they are saying. Always remember that forum marketing relies heavily on how you approach it, so you want to take the time to think about what kinds of posts engaged you in the past and kept you coming back for more.

Best Regards,

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