Sometimes when you sit down to write, your brain gives you the universal sign for peace and there you sit.

You might even manage to hash out a blog post straining through the mental equivalent of having eaten too much cheese. It’s no fun, you don’t enjoy the process and you know the end product ain’t right.

No one reads it; folks know constipated composition when they see it.

Having tried for three days to write a good post on Karatbars, progress was finally made when I went out searching for the term ‘Who is succeeding in Karatbars?’ Yes, it was a fiddling day.

I left a comment on one fellow’s blog where he wrote an excellent post.

I looked at my comment and realized I had written the post I was struggling to write while I was not looking or paying attention.

Here ’tis.

Why Karatbars

Karatbars is something that I joined for free. Nothing was done because I was sooooo busy chasing selling 100% commission digital products.

Frittered about with Karatbars a bit because I like its premise, which is selling gold in affordable amounts so that ordinary people, like you and me, on an ordinary budget can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the wealth transfer that looms over us all like the digital tsunami that hangs over the American coasts in all the disaster movies.

Financial tsunami

Even now we all see it.

It’s right there.

We all act as though it is digital

It is not digital.

The debt tsunami is very real and it will break sooner or later.

KaratBars Appeal

Folks signing up under me with no effort on my part.

That is appealing; that is sexy.

LBMA means Karatbars can be used to settle debts, even with banks.

LBMA means Karatbars can be used to settle debts, even with banks.

Selling digital products is a fine business. I am proud of all the digital products I have sold because the product themselves are not the point, but what they do is.

Not all digital products are created equal. It seems to me that a lot of businesses are based on the idea of buy xyz digital product that teaches you to sell xyz digital product so that Joe Bob can buy it from you and learn to sell xyz digital product to Bobbie Sue so she can do the same.

Yeah, you have sold a product but so has the fellow who sells you envelopes to stuff. At their core, many digital products are not much different from an envelope. This appeals to folks looking for the easy way out and they never stick.

Karatbars sells the purest form of money; you cannot do better than that for a product.


You Want To Protect Your Family

This goes without saying, but we will anyway.

You want to protect your family, right?

Increasingly, you feel a growing unease about the future, correct?

Who wouldn’t? Many feel we are watching civilization disintegrate.

You saw the Baltimore violence. Did the mayor really tell her police force to stand down so there could be an outlet for destruction? You be the judge as to what that means for the future.

You see the tsunami, standing there, glistening in the sun hardly moving.

What will you do when the economic wizards who built it in the first place can no longer hold it in place?

By the way, those wizards are buying gold hand over fist while they tell you not to worry.

Numbers don't lie

You want to go here, learn about how simply, easily and affordably you can protect your family from the future that has already been written.

Karatbars was designed specifically to help you help your family.


Tim and MaryJane





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